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A Daughter's Story

Hi Everybody,

On August 14th and 15th I am going to walk 60 km's in a fundraiser to end women’s cancer. My Mom, Marian Young, who was born on August 25, 1930 has been battling cancer of the esophagus, since December 2008 and after a year of chemotherapy and radiation she is now fighting for her life at Surrey Memorial Hospital, since her complicated, extensive surgery on December 2nd.

She weighed 97 lbs upon entry to the hospital. My sister Lesley and I drove her there at 6:00 AM after my Dad gave her a big kiss and told her everything would be okay. The nurse who admitted us looked at what the surgery was that my Mom was having and said to my Mom, “Would you like a mild sedative to relax you?” My Mom said, "What would you do?" The nurse said she would have one. I have been employed by Shoppers Drug Mart since April 2007 and I have had day to day support during this journey from my boss Paul Matteis.

So am I committed to this cause? Absolutely! I would like to acknowledge all the staff at the Abbotsford Cancer Clinic, The Surrey Memorial Hospital and in particular, my Mom’s surgeon Dr. Ashrafi. Mom you are amazing and you are going to win this battle.


Janet Nilsson



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