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Fundraiser tea, June 16,2007 at Uplands
Fundraiser tea, June 16,2007 at Uplands

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June 19, 2013:I am unable to participate in The Weekend to End Women's Cancers this year.I really enjoyed the 6 years that I did participate whether as a walker or a volunteer and I encourage anyone to become involved in whatever way you can.I wish this amazing event continued success  this year and in the years to come.

July 12 2012:Unfortunately I cannot walk this year HOWEVER  I will be participating as a volunteer and I am still fundraising.Volunteers are encouraged to raise $500.00 and I certainly hope to do that and hopefully more.Whatever you can donate will go to this wonderful cause and will be much appreciated.

August 19,2011. 8 days to go and it is coming quickly.Jan and I did a 30km walk  followed by a 15 km the next day 2 weekends ago and all went well so we know we can do it....not that we ever doubted it.Once again we were helped by Joan and Maureen B. who brought us snacks and cold water refills several times.Jan had mapped out a lovely route along country roads with gorgeous views. WE are lucky to be able to train in the country.So now we coast with short walks until the 27th.


August 1,2011.Less than a month to go.Wow! on the weekend Jan and I did 2 long walks.....20 km on Sat. and 10 km on Sun.We were on the road at 7AM both days to take advantage of the cooler temperature.Sat. was particularly nice because it was cool and there was light cloud cover until about 10:30 AM.Our good friend Joan met us about half way with cold water refills and snacks. What a wecome sight she was! Next W/E is the biggie with even longer walks planned then we wind down.Thank you all again for your support.


July8,2011.Today I completed the on-line check in so everything is set to go.The training continues to go well.My friend, Jan, who will be walking with me this year and I did our first long walk in the heat and sun last weekend and all went well.We  did realize that we need to bring more water and  some snacks.It is hard to believe that we will be on our way in seven weeks. Even though this is the fifth time I have done the walk I am as excited about it as the first time.I am so grateful to all my sponsors who make it possible for me to participate.The day WILL come when there will be an end to women's cancers.


April 20,2011.....and here I am getting ready to participate in another 60 km walk......#5. I thought 2010 would be my last but when a friend asked me to walk with her this year I could not resist. Participating is the Weekend to End Women's cancers walk is such an exhilarating  and  rewarding experience and at the same time contributes to the ongoing battle against breast and gynecological cancers. It may sound strange to say that there is a positive, upbeat atmosphere throughout  the weekend when dealing with such serious illnesses but there definitely is.I think that is because we are working together to do  something that is going to make a difference in people's lives.

Below is my story and the history of my participation in the walk.Please take the time to read it and know that I will be most grateful for any contribution you make in support of my taking part in The Walk.

PS: I am into week 5 of the training programme and all is going very well.I'll be ready! 



In 2007 I decided to participate in the Weekend to
End Breast Cancer to celebrate my 25th anniversary as a breast cancer survivor. I considered several ways to mark this milestone but the 60 km walk was the winner. It was a truly outstanding weekend.I was so moved by the experience that I registered right away to participate again in 2008 and then again in 2009. I could think of no better way to contribute towards the goal of long term survival for other women.
After the 2009 walk I thought that was it for me.However when I was diagnosed again with breast cancer in the fall of 2009 I knew that I wanted to do the walk one more time. I have finished all treatments and I am very well and ready to walk.Training got off to a head start with cross-country skiing this winter and now I am walking,biking,playing tennis and golf,and kayaking as soon as it warms up enough.

As a condition of my participation I must raise a minimum of $2000.00.To those who are considering making a donation,I will be grateful for whatever you can give.Your gifts make it all possible.

August 20 update: One week to go and I will be on my way.I can hardly wait.The training has gone well and I have completed several long walks.This has been a perfect summer to train.I am so grateful to everyone who has sponsored me and made it possible for me to participate in the walk.These crucial funds will be used in the battle to end breast and gynecologic cancers.

August 28-29 promises to be another challenging,rewarding and unforgettable weekend.


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