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After i finished day 1! :)
After i finished day 1! :)

Supporting me in My Journey is joining my Circle For Hope!


Cancer awareness, especially Breast cancer awareness, was always one that I supported. With so many people around us, at a rate of one in 9 women, being diagnosed and overcoming it, research has brought us a long way in the last 50 years.

Two years ago, the statistics hit close to home. The woman that gave me life was diagnosed by breast cancer. We never had anyone in our family go through such a thing and it took a while for us to come together and realize the scope of it all.

In the past 2 years, Mom went through what we called a four-step process.
The initial step was months of hours-long chemotherapy. We took turns in the family to take her for the sessions and the almost weekly doctor’s appointment as well. After the initial couple of rounds, her hair fell out and that’s when it hit us all. This was like nothing we had gone through. As the months followed, the more my mom got stronger and stronger. We knew there was no way that she would let cancer win. Yes she had the initial shock and fear, but she was to me a prime candidate that morale is key in this fight against a tough disease. One of the amazing services offered by the Segal Centre is the on-call oncologist and the personally assigned nurse if you have questions at any time of the day or night.

After chemotherapy, came part two: the operation. That was another layer of fear and challenges. We went to all the pre-operation meetings and the nervousness of waiting outside the operating room waiting for the result of the mastectomy surgery. After an almost a 12 hour wait, we got news that it was successful and sighed in relief.  We took turns visiting her and spent the first 2 nights next to her. It wasn’t easy on her physically as a lot of the muscles were affected and her motion in the arm was limited.

We then prepared for step three: radiation oncology or radiation-therapy. This is as it states, the burning of the remaining cancer cells. I am certain that the feeling of pain that I receive every time I think of it is nothing to the pain she went through. It involved multiple applications of moisturizers to minimize the pain she had which resembled to a third degree burn.

Finally, the last stage is the finishing of the Herceptin drug. Ultimately, the drug works to stop the spread and ensure that you can be in full remission.  As of the 12th of July 2012, Mom is officially in remission!

My commitment to this walk is based on love and my realization that we each need to do our part in this fight. I can talk the talk and now I will walk the walk once more. I will raise funds to benefit the Segal Cancer Centre at the Jewish General Hospital, a leader in the fight against all women's cancers. The staffs at the Jewish General have been more than supporting and caring in helping us with all our questions, our many concerns, and re-assuring us that all should go well.

Because of my mom's fight against cancer, I have decided to walk to raise funds once again for cancer research. The Pharmaprix Weekend to End Women's Cancers is a two-day, 60-kilometre or one-day 34-kilometre walk through the neighbourhoods of Montreal.  Last year I did the one-day challenge and I must admit was a lot of fun! The organizing committee did a great job of having everything needed for it to be a success. The close to 7 hrs of walk flew by as there are pit stops at every 2-3 kms, there are a bunch of supporters along with the way, people honking and shouting in support, including our brigadiers bikers that were having fun decorating their bike with bras and balloons. This year, I’ll be doing the 2 day event for the full 60kms. It will be a challenge and I am ready to take on this endeavour to find a cure to breast and gynecologic cancers!

She is our mother, our aunt, our older sister, and a daughter. If she's tough enough to beat cancer, then I’m tough enough to beat myself in shape for the walk.

I can and choose to be a part of this movement to save lives.

I ask you to join my Circle For Hope. Be a part of my very personal journey - by giving, by walking with me, or simply by sharing my story with your circle of influence.


This is my journey.

This is my Weekend Circle For Hope.


I would like to thank in no specific order:

Tracy Remingbald & her fellow nurses at the Oncology Clinic
Dr. Gerald Batist & Dr. Victor Cohen, along with their fellow assistants/secretaries (Thanks Marina!)
Hope & Cope Foundation
Radiation Oncology team
Physiotherapy Team
BMO crew at the CCC
All Friends & Family

& of course

You, the donator, because you are doing a concrete step towards a better future, while supporting me.

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