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Mlle./Miss Lisa Smith

Goal: $2,500.00
Achieved: $450.00

My reasons.
My reasons.

My immediate and extended families have been touched with various types of cancer. There have been positive outcomes and sadly, some not positive ones also. I have always thought of doing this weekend but always convinced myself that I didn't have the time. Not long ago, my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is doing well now and that is great. Her recovery wouldn't have been possible without the treatment she received and the treatment she received may not have been possible without all the people who have walked in these weekends before. That made me decide that I had to do this for sure this year. No procrastinating and saying I will do it next year, no excuses and saying I have no time. I have to do it so that in the future someone else's aunt, mom, daughter, sister, wife or friend has the chance to recover like my aunt did. Please donate and help me reach my goal! It doesn't have to be a lot. ANY amount helps! Thank you for visiting my page! :) 




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