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Roma with me at the walk in July, 2008
Roma with me at the walk in July, 2008

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The Weekend to End Breast Cancer is a two-day, 60-kilometre walk through the neighbourhoods of Calgary.

Proceeds benefit the Alberta Cancer Foundation, funding important breast cancer research, education, services and care.

July 2012 will be the sixth time that I will be walking in the Weekend. Once again I am walking in memory of my Mom, and once again I am walking to honor my friend Roma, a 6 year survivor of breast cancer.  Each year I say "This is my last walk", and each year I change my mind and decide to to it again.  When I stop to think of the reasons for the walk, and I see pink lanyards around the necks of far too many young women, I really have no choice but to continue to do my part to wipe out cancer.

I overheard a few people talking at this past walk about why they actually do the physical walking part.  After all, you can complete your fundraising and not walk one step.  For me, it's a bit of a comparison to the cancer journey.  At the start of the walk, everyone is apprehensive, but encouraged, energetic and ready to "get 'er done", probably similar (in a lesser manner) to someone beginning their cancer journey.  By the end of day one, people are dragging into camp, tired, with sore muscles, and blisters; probably also similar to someone in the midst of treatment.  Day 2 starts with more energy again, however, not quite as much as day one, and there are some definate casualties who can't carry on the journey.  As the day goes on, there are moments when you feel that you can't take another step, or if you have to climb one more hill, you'll quit.  The encouragement and support of the crew, passers-by and even spectators helps you make it to the end, and the elation as you cross the finish line is amazing, even though you feel like you've been hit by a truck.  I imagine that someone successfully completing their cancer treatments feels that same elation, multiplied by thousands.  So every time I feel tired or sore or grumpy on the walk, I remind myself that if they can do cancer and chemo, I can do blisters and sore muscles.  And that's why I do the walking part of the walk. 

I'm grateful for all donations, no matter what the size. But even better, consider walking with me and thousands of others. The more we walk, the more we raise! I'd love to get blisters alongside you!  Feel free to join Doug and me on our team, "The Fast Walkers" (I know, it's a corny name, but some of the Walk staff made if up for us!)

Donations can be made right here on my personal page, or if you'd rather, you can print off a donation form here and mail it in. Either way, you can know that I appreciate it and your money will be used for a great cause.

Thank you so much,
Sandi Fast


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