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225 percent of goal achieved.

Mme./Mrs. Andrea M. Barker

Goal: $1,000.00
Achieved: $2,250.00

An emotional end to the Weekend
An emotional end to the Weekend

This time we have a new reason.  Cancer has touched our family.  Steve's Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer at the tender age of 89... we can't heal her, but we can make a difference for the rest of the family.

Steve had given up his walking shoes until the day he got his mother's diagnoses.  He looked at me and said, I will walk in 2012 for Mum.  I just nodded,  I understood.   Maybe next year I will get him off his feet and into the van!

So here I am, hat in hand, asking for your assistance, yet again.

I can't thank everyone enough for what they have done over the last five years and can't begin to explain the emotion that runs through you when you watch the walkers cross the finish line of a 60 km, life changing weekend.

The weekend itself is uplifting, exhilarating, tough, hot, speechless, emotional, exciting, and nervewracking, and that is just the opening ceremonies...

Two years ago I changed roles in the Weekend and became a Sweep Van Driver instead of a walker.  This was due to the blistering on my feet and the urging of a number of medical teams.   As a driver I assist the walkers who can't walk any further or just need a lift for an urgent comfort break.  It is not the same as walking but the emotions that fill your heart when you return a favor that was given to you over the past years is astonishing.

Last year I asked you to help Steve and I get to a personal goal - to reach a five year cumulative total of OVER $100,000.00 raised !!!!  I am thrilled to report that we DID it.  We could not have done this WITHOUT YOU !!!!  We are eternally grateful for your generosity and will call upon it one more time as we attempt to raise get a six year cumulative goal of $125,000.00 raised.

Please be generous with your donation and know that I will carry your spirit with me through the walk, and know that your dollars will be helping Albertans fight this disease.

With a full heart,
I remain,

The Weekend to End Breast Cancer is a two-day, 60-kilometre walk through the neighbourhoods of Calgary.

Proceeds benefit the Alberta Cancer Foundation, funding important breast cancer research, education, services and care.

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