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Ms. Nicole C Diogo

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Good day,

I'd like to take this time to explain my motivation for wanting to find cures, for not only breast cancer itself, but for all cancers that affect everyone in our day-to-day life.

My grandmother, a strong and very passionate lady, was diagnosed with breast cancer sometime in her 60's. This was a blow to our family, as she had to have both her breasts removed, rounds of chemo and radiation to finally overcome this tough time. It was something that was not only heart breaking but as well as something she would never overcome as a woman. One of the strongest women in my life, someone I looked up to, was now feeling less like a woman. We want to find a cure.

Next was my uncle?s wife, Theresa. The outgoing pleasantly positive young lady that has brought our family many laughs was diagnosed 2 years ago. Luckily, she did not have to lose her breasts to the disease. She found a long and painful battle against the Chemo & radiation and was finally told her cancer was in remission in 2010. It was a beautiful day for our family as she was a tremendous fighter and inspiration to many, as well, to our family. We need to find a cure

In 2011 I met a great woman named Sandra. Sandra was a speaker at our Passion Parties convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, explaining how for 3 years she was battling breast cancer; she too had lost both her breasts to the infectious disease. The part that really touched me was that she was a mother of 3 children, wife to a loving husband and a workingwoman for Passion Parties. She continued her battle as she continued her life and at Convention 2011 she was proud to announce that she was not only in remission, but sported her brand new DD's. Her girls are amazing and as anyone can tell, it has brought the sparkle back to her eyes. We have to find a cure.

April 2011, My sister Angie, who is also partaking in the weekend to end Breast cancer had found a lump on her breast, we are soon to find out the results of this bump but either way, we will participate in this run for all women that have been touched by any form of cancer that has made us feel less like ourselves. I will continue to support breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, and any and all cancers that still affect us to this date. We can find a cure.

Due to these 3 amazing women, I have found the strength to run the 60 KM run for the Cure. I realise that the challenge is much greater than I will anticipate, but nothing compared to what these outstanding women have faced. I can't wait to cross that finish line and make them proud. We WILL find the cure!

Have a great day and remember,

It's always a beautiful day, we just can't see it sometimes.

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