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Meghan Russ

Goal: $3,200.00
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I have participated in the Weekend to End Breast Cancer in 2008, which I raised $4,000 by myself, also in 2010, which I walked with a team and raised just over $2,000.00.  In 2011, I participated in the CIBC Run for the Cure, which I raised $1,700.00.  I have decided to participate in the Weekend to End Womens' Cancer again because of how much fun the past event that I participated in.  Last time I participated it was in Edmonton, so this should be a fun adventure to travel to Calgary for a weekend!


The reason I decided to get involved with fundraising for cancer research (specifically for women's cancer) when I realized that I knew a lot of individuals who were affected by [women's] cancer.  My close childhood friend Amanda's mom was diagnosed with breast cancer very shortly after having Amanda.  She beat the battle, and now is a healthy loving mother to Amanda, which I am very grateful for.  My mom was found to have cysts in her ovaries about fifteen years ago, which were successfully removed and not cancerous. My close friend, Trish - who is also participating in this fundraiser with me, and my team member on the Ninja Ladyberries, her grandmother has recently passed away from breast cancer, which is all too true when we hear the other stories from other families trying to reach out to this world for help in finding a cure.  When I participated in the Weekend to End Breast Cancer with my friend, Ashlea, we met a very strong individual, named Lynn, who was still battling cancer.  She was so happy, and cheerful that it gives hope to women everywhere that they can still live their lives without fear of this disease.  On January 9, 2012, my aunt's husband passed away after fighting his battle with throat and neck cancer.



The main reason why I fundraise is not only to show my support to the cancer foundations of Canada, or even Alberta, but is to open the eyes of my generation that this IS affecting us, and there is a way to help.


With your donation, no matter the denomination, it will go to help find a cure to end this disease, which has affected not only my mother, but other moms, daughters, grandmothers, granddaughters, aunts, nieces, siblings, and our friends of many years, or friends of a few minutes.


Please help me and my team, Ninja ladyberries, in finding a cure to have a future cancer-free.  Thank you.





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