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Margot Graham

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I am very passionate about the prevention of cancer. I connected with the Weekend to End Women’s Cancers the very first year it started in Alberta. It was the year my strong, wonderful sister Maureen passed away from M.S. and breast cancer. The walk was my way of honouring Maureen and it truly helped in my grieving process.

Since Maureen’s passing, I have organized and lead training walks for 6 years in The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers and it is my 4th year walking in it. I also work for the Beta Trial, a research project studying the effects of exercise in the prevention of breast cancer in women. I believe we need to focus the majority of our energy and research on the prevention of this horrible disease.

This year I am dedicating my walk to Maureen (always) and my sister in law Cathy.

Cathy is a remarkable woman who chose not to quit when times got tough. Cathy’s life changed dramatically one day in the fall of 2004 when her Dr. told her she had a brain tumor. Her surgery was as effective as could be only leaving behind the part of the tumor attached to the brain stem. From that day forward surgery would be a part of Cathy’s life in order to minimize the side effects of right facial paralysis, left body numbness, balance and coordination issues and hearing loss in her right ear where the tumor was located. Instead of complaining, she chose to make this journey in her life as routine as a trip to the dentist. I would pick her up for each operation and she would be ready to roll to get the job done. I was constantly amazed and impressed with her positive attitude and often wondered how I would react if the roles were reversed.

In the summer of 2008 Cathy was presented with yet another challenge. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. Well in “Cathy style” she made the decision to have a bilateral mastectomy because in her words “I’m not wearing a falsie and if I get them removed, it may improve my golf swing!!”

Cathy and I have had many talks over the years about the challenges she has faced in life and I always leave having more respect and admiration for her. She now believes in balancing her life, accepting help from others and that nothing is insurmountable. Her mantra is: ”I know how to heal.” 

Cathy now leads a happy life taking care of herself first, then others. Unfortunately like many women, she said it took too long to learn this message.

Cathy’s wish is for our generation to discover the prevention and cure so our children will not have to go through this. 

So for all the troopers like Maureen, Cathy, Barbara Ann and Clare and far too many more, I dedicate all my efforts to you.

Love, Margot

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