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Hello My Friends,

Welcome to my personal web page.

YEAR #3 - I'm doing it again !  YEAH !!!  I REACHED MY GOAL BUT PLEASE HELP ME DO MORE !!!!

This will be my 3rd year walking in the Shopper's Drug Mart Weekend to End Women's Cancer in Calgary.  The walk will take place on July 21st and 22nd, 2012 and I will be walking 60 km in two days.  My training has already begun.

As a breast cancer survivor myself, it is only fitting that I do my part to help support this great cause near and dear to my heart.

Without events such as this walk, we cannot go at it alone.  We need everyone to come together and join in this fight to help find a cure.

Statistically, someone you know be it a family member, a friend, co-worker or acquaintance will have or have had been touched by cancer.

Over the last few years, I have lost loved ones both family and friends to cancer and every year this disease creeps into many more families and attacks many more lives.

Three of my close friends have been added to this breast cancer list this year and I shall walk for them proudly as ever.  "Cheryl and Kathleen and Tina, you keep fighting, Sista's, cuz I'm walking for ya!" 

So lets get into this fight together. With your support and donation, you can help me to really exceed the commitment I made of reaching $5,000 which to date I have surpassed.  All the proceeds will support breast and gynecologic cancer research, treatment, and services.

I am not where I am today had it not been for those before me who went through cancer.  And events such as this to raise money so that I was able to get the knowledge, support, treatment and services required to help me deal with my breast cancer.

I was able to beat my cancer and together you can help me to walk the 60 km so that we may continue to strive to help others beat their cancer and to eventually find a cure.

What HOPE means to me:

                                           H - Helping Each Other

                                           O - Open Doors and Opportunities

                                           P - People Care

                                           E - Everyone Matters!!!!

HOPE is to someday find a cure! 



In honor of my Friend, TREVOR, TREV - You shall be my wings when I cannot fly!!!

Thank you for your support and generosity!

Blessings to you,

Carol Moore

....Learn from Yesterday....
....Live for Today....
....HOPE for Tomorrow....

(author unknown)

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