Pharmaprix(MD) Weekend to End Women's Cancers in Montreal

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Pharmaprix Weekend to End Women's Cancers™ is a two-day, 60-kilometre or one-day 32-kilometre walk through the neighbourhoods of Montreal. It will be a challenge and we are ready to take on this endeavour to find a cure to breast and gynecologic cancers!

Our commitment is based on love and the realization that we each need to do our part in this fight. As a team, we will walk. We will raise funds to benefit the Segal Cencer Centre at the Jewish General Hospital, a leader in the fight against all women's cancers. We will be a part of this movement to save lives.

We ask you to join our Circle For Hope. Be a part of our very personal journey - by giving, by walking with us, or simply by sharing our story with your circle of influence.

This is our journey.
This is our Weekend Circle For Hope.


L'Oréal Canada Raised
Heidi Strohl $4,793.00
Maria Di carlo $2,115.00
Daniel Fafard $3,550.00
Ferdowshi Ali $1,255.00
Kristin Armstrong $1,905.00
Stephan Arsenault $2,779.00
Jasmine Beldie $2,070.00
Margot Beldié $1,525.00
Mylène Bissonnette $1,504.00
Valerie Bouchard $1,315.00
Florencia Bruno $1,295.00
Stephanie Caissy $2,150.00
Lucie Champagne $2,171.00
Karim Charafeddine $1,250.00
Danielle Clément $4,145.00
Tanya Collins $2,225.00
Genevieve Compagnat $1,445.00
Doriane Dalati $5,000.00
Chrystian Dallaire $730.00
Dominique DeCelles $9,295.00
Tanya Di Lullo $1,491.00
Amelie Dube $1,298.00
Francine Dupont $1,790.00
Isabelle Dupont $1,280.00
Miguel Dutil $1,390.00
Graziella Feduzzi $1,272.00
Julia Gonzalez $1,255.00
annie gregoire $1,797.17
Anastasia Ivanova $1,555.00
Claudia Joseph $1,410.00
Murielle Julien $1,252.00
Sonia Kovacic $0.00
Jean-Daniel Labbé $1,465.00
Renée Landry $1,250.00
Genevieve Leblanc $1,250.00
Nicole Massicotte $1,577.00
Meriam Mathlouthi $1,250.00
Lynn Mazloum $1,259.00
Teresa Menna $3,500.00
Shadi Moradi Seresht $1,250.00
Caroline Morin $1,325.00
Elvis Nguyen $1,570.00
Melissa Paczos $1,580.00
Mary Patsatzis $2,625.00
Charlene Plante $1,350.00
Maribel Plante $1,400.00
Sylvie Poitras $1,472.00
Anne-Marie Rousselle $1,380.00
Daani Sarma $1,385.00
Brice Schneider $1,295.00
Ariane Schumacher $1,282.00
Anna Schwerin $1,297.00
Garett Senez $1,250.00
Michael Stathakis $1,735.00
Lauren Tajfel $2,323.00
Kateline Turgeon $1,504.00
Manon Werbrouck $1,250.00
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