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186 percent of goal achieved.

Ms. Linda Dennick

Goal: $2,000.00
Achieved: $3,722.63


Even Hurrican Irene couldn't stop Cookie and me!

Cookie and I are two very determined, commited women who are going to keep walking until we can't walk anymore...and then we'll volunteer.

A few weeks ago I attended a funeral of a woman who, at 48, lost her battle to breast cancer. I never met this woman, however my daughter is extremely close friends with her daughter, who is the same age. I could not stop crying. This woman will never see any of her 3 children marry, she will never get to hold any of her grandchildren, she will not live to enjoy her retirement with her adoring husband of 29 years. Her children will not have their mother at their side when they reach any of these milestones. She could have been me, or my sister or my best friend. This is why I walk....

Today, I ran into one of the participants on my team. She survived breast cancer 30 years ago. It came back 6 years ago. This afternoon, she told me that she just finished radiation last week for yet another breast related cancer. She also told me that the treatment today is so much more improved than it was even six years ago and unbelievably different from the treatment she had 30 years ago. Every year she walks with her daughters and now her granddaughters walk with her as well. This is why I walk...

In August, I will walk again for my 8th year of involvement and 7th year of walking. Please keep me walking until there is no need to walk anymore.

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