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Natasha MacDonald

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Om Shanti, Om Peace
Om Shanti, Om Peace

The story of my relationship with one unforgettable Weekend...

After graduating from University, my job hunt began.  It was a rollercoaster ride of a search, but after a few months, I came across something that I couldn't pass up- the opportunity to work for a place that makes a difference.  For three years, I was an active member of the behind the scenes team at the Pharmaprix Weekend to End Women's Cancers.  It was an experience that has left me forever grateful.  Not only did I work with a team of amazing people (I still love you guys!) but I woke up every morning thinking to myself "Today, I am helping make a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer."  Throughout those 3 years, I met hundreds of devoted men and women coming together with a mutual goal: to help eradicate breast and gynecological cancers.  Or, to simply put it, kick cancer in the butt!  While many would take the time to thank me for helping make this amazing walk become a reality, I couldn't help but feel that what I was doing was peanuts compared to the journey they were embarking on.  Walking 60 kms, often in the blistering heat?  Kudos to them! 

Now, even though my professional stint with the Weekend has come to an end, I am implicating myself in another way.  I am proud to say that I will now be joining all those devoted men and women as I lace up my shoes and walk side by side with them in one mind-blowing weekend.  For years I saw the ins and outs of the event, and now, I get to experience it in a whole new way: as a fellow walker.

Cancer affects everyone- it's no secret.  It seems that with every passing year, another handful of people we love are touched by its cold grasp in one way or another.  Whether it's a women's cancer or any cancer, this is my mission: to walk for every person I have lost due to this disease.  To walk for every husband or wife who has been left widowed.  To walk for every child who has lost the comfort of their parents' hugs.  To walk for every parent who asks themselves every day why their child left this earth before their time.  To walk for every brother or sister who lost their sibling, their partner in crime.  To walk for every boyfriend or girlfriend who lost their first love.  To walk for every grandchild who would have loved to known their grandmother or grandfather just a little bit longer.  To walk for every pet owner (yes animals, they get cancer, too!) who will miss the snuggles, slobbers, nibbles and purrs of their furry companion.  To walk for everyone, everywhere, who knows far too well what cancer feels like.

Yes, I am raising money.  Yes, I am raising awareness.  But my ultimate goal in walking this year goes beyond the dollars.  I am walking to honour those we have lost, those who are battling, and those who may have to one day fight cancer.  It won't be easy- as a yoga teacher I can bend and pretzel my way into a variety of poses, but walking 60kms is definitely a new challenge- that I am ready to embrace!  And with every step, I will be telling myself may all beings be happy, may all beings be free from inner and outer harm, may all beings be healthy in body and mind, and may all beings live with peace.  If a few footsteps can help spread this message, then I will have made a difference.  Please, help give me the opportunity to spread this message.


Natasha xox

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