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Mme./Mrs. Helen Cazilieris

Goal: $2,000.00
Achieved: $400.00


We?re here for a good time
Not a long time
So have a good time . The sun can?t shine everyday.
That every year has it?s share of tears.
Every now and then it?s gotta rain.

You?re here today gone tomorrow 

To all my dearest friends who have supported me in the past 3 years

Some of you may know ......

Sept 11 2009 My mom got diagnosed with cancer stage 4 . The doctors told us with chemo she will only have one year to live . We were all totally overwhelmed, she was not sick, did not look sick nothing! I tell you nothing! One year later mom is doing just great !!

I told her we are going straight to the Jewish Segal Center. Let me tell you my friends! I was totally speechless ,in tears ,happy ,sad, as I was  walking in the Jewish Segal Center and see the nurses ,volunteers ,doctors, secretaries ... the way they treated us and other patients .Truly exceptional !The first thing I said ?mom this is what I am walking for !  MY supports helped me reach my goal for you and for all these people!

I started doing the walk for Claudette Lalonde three years ago, this year my reasons were different.

Something exceptional happened this year. At the finish line for the first time my mom and dad where there to greet me. No words can express the feelings, just overwhelmed in tears.

Yes I am doing the walk again next year ,again this will be different ,this time I have one of my special supporters walking with me  ....MY DAUGHTER ALEX

 I am honoured to be part of Chads team Butterfly of Hope ,

 Together we stand divided we fall !

Live today as it was your last

 Your support is greatly appreciated

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