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On August 25-26, 2012, I'll be participating in a very special event called Pharmaprix® Weekend to End Women's Cancers benefiting the Segal Cancer Centre at the Jewish General Hospital...so far this is my 5th such event.

I'll walk approximately 60 kilometres in two days with thousands of other women and men. The proceeds of the funds I raise will support breast and gynecologic cancers research, treatment, and services.

At this point I can probably start quoting statistics about how many people have been affected by cancer...from one form or another...but honestly...do you really want to hear about statistics....if you need them, I can give you the website to read all about it.

What I want to do, is give you a very personal point of view of what this disgusting, horrible disease can do. 

You see, my Mom went through this horrible battle....and here first hand is her story....

On March 24th, my mother, Alice Davies, out of the blue, starting vomiting a dark fluid...she wasn't ill...she didn't have a fever.....but, here she was vomiting.  She was rushed to the hospital and went through a battery of tests.....

On April 2nd, 2011.....the family got the diagnosis.....Mom is in the process of battling Cancer.  Actually, she is was not even battling it....she was succumbing to it.  I would sit at her bedside every day, holding her hand, watching this terrible disease eat away at her body.  She was in constant pain...and there is virtually nothing I can do to help her.

With all loved ones, all you want for them is the best.....and for my Mom....there is no ?best?.....she was hurting and every day, we were losing her more and more. 

The thing is...with my Mom.....this came on all of a sudden.....three weeks before going to the hospital, she was walking around smiling, laughing and enjoying her family....she was playing with her grandchildren and great grandchild.  She was relishing in all the family time we were spending.....

One week later, she was confined to a wheel chair.....2 weeks later, she was bedridden....and then....only 3 weeks later, my Mother was not awake long enough to hear me say ?I love You?!.....

By the time Good Friday came (April 22) she could not eat as it is too painful. She couldn't even drink.  The Cancer has taken everything away from her except us....

She was on Morphine all the time...the only time she woke up was when the pain became unbearable and she had to be given more.

In the wee hours of April 23rd....with her family holding her hand, we said our good-byes and watched as she left us....in three short weeks....Cancer took away our Mom

No person should have to go through this and that's why I'm walking in this event.

I feel very strongly that we need to make a statement....make detection mandatory....make a cure a reality.......we HAVE to make this work!

So...please....this letter is not a chain letter that will give you back luck if you don?t forward it on....it will not stop you from having great relationships.....but what I hope this letter will do.....is make you want to make a difference also.

I have committed to joining the walk on August 25-26....but I can?t do it alone....I NEED your donation in order to proceed....every step I take will be towards detection and ultimately towards a cure.

Please....I don?t want you or anyone you know to go through this....


I know life is tough, however, by simply donating any amount...you will be my hero.... YOU will make a difference! 

I've committed to raising at least $2,000, so I need your help. Please help me by making a donation.....any amount helps. Use the link at the bottom of this email to visit my site and make an online donation to support me.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!




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