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Mme./Mrs. Jennifer C Heaman

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Dear Supporter, I Adore You!
Dear Supporter, I Adore You!

Be a Part of My Journey, Join My Circle For Hope!

The Weekend to End Women's Cancers is a two-day 60 kilometer journey through the streets of Toronto on the weekend of September 8th & 9th, 2012.  2012 will be the 10th anniversary of this exciting event!

This year I walk for my children who are witnessing my personally struggle against breast cancer so that they may never suffer from this beast of a disease.

My story begins New Years day, a Sunday afternoon at the start of this year with a phone call from my surgeon advising me that the nipple biopsy performed on me the week of Christmas tested positive for breast cancer.  My son had bit me breastfeeding a year and a half prior.  I was repeatedly told to treat it with nursing cream but the nick wouldnt' heal.  After a few doctors and surgeons, I made my way to the PMHF.  A full mastectomy followed where I lost my breast due to Paget's Disease on March 1st.  I was advised that my cancer was so rare, if I had of had it 8 years ago, chances of surviving would have been extremely against me.  Instead, my cancer was treated serious enough that 13 disecting slices of pathology tests found I had 12cm of agressively growing DCIS (ductal carcinoma).  Thru research, the Surgeons were able to warn me that there would be an 80% change of an invasive cancer present that they were not able to show me prior to surgery.  This DCIS had been hidden and did not reflect on any tests previously done. I am so thankful for this hospitals extensive research and so is my family! This hospital saved my life by helping me catch everything early, my lympth nodes were clear and no further treatment was required.  I do have to be responsible with my health now and attend scheduled follow-ups but I can relax knowing that I am in good hands.  

The Princess Margaret Hospital and my Surgeon Dr. McCready's successful team saved my life!  I am humbled by the seriousness and the vast medical work required and so very appreciatively wish to pay my blessings forward.   I plan to help the PMHF save more lives by raising $10,000 this year and keeping the pledge I made last year to walk 180km in 2012 between all 3 provincial events.  Although my surgery was recent my recovery has been remarkable due to the training for this event.  I am so appreciative! We need more "happy endings" like mine, don't you think!  

So this year, I ask you to join my Circle for Hope. Be a part of my very personal journey, my celebration of life - by giving, by walking with me, or simply by sharing my story with your circle of influence!

My Journey

I am walking for the 4th year, in honour of the many people in my life who have been touched by CANCER.  For those that lost the battle to this terrible disease and those who are currently fighting it.  My mission this year has introduced me to an epidemic of cancer patients!  My own family has suffered dearly due to cancer and it is my mission to protect our children (yours and mine) from suffering from this beastly disease.

In the last 3 years, I have raised over $7,000 walking in my first 3 events which could not have been accomplished without the support of friends, family and colleagues like you!

In 2011, I was delighted to team up with The Butterfly of Hope led by Chad Cieslik (currently battling cancer and about to walk his 50th event!) and Barbara Myers (a 20yr survivor who has completed 17 events!). These mentors and leaders were a pillar of strength for me this past spring.  It was a blessing having met this team the year prior.  My team-mates have consistently been there for me, rallying together across the country to help me feel their warmth and generosity.  I was deeply touched by their support through the darkest hours of my recovery while all across the country messages weren't sent to me in prayer for my struggle!  It meant the world to me and I am so very lucky to know these beautiful butterflies! Our team is the largest NON-CORPORATELY funded group competing consistently in the top 3 contributing teams with a majority of corporate sponsors, raising over $500,000 per year. In 2010, over 4,000 people participated in the Weekend and together with the help of their supporters raised over $11,000,000!  I am proud to advise you that our Butterfly of Hope team just cleared the $1.5 million milestone this past July in fundraising.  We rock!!!

Support My Efforts towards the Fight Against Cancer

Throughout the event, people cheer us on as heroes in the streets of the city.   Walking 60km is not easy but being told you have cancer is a challenge that is tremendously harder than walking and fundraising. I am wearing out those shoes again to ensure a life without the fear of cancer for all our families! 3 pairs in fact walking 180 km in Calgary, Montreal and Toronto!

$2,000 per city event is required for me to complete my registries.

I am currently training to challenge myself by raising $10,000 walking 180kms, divided by:

  1. 60km in Calgary, Alberta (completed in July raised $2,000)
  2. 60km in Montreal (to occur in August, raised $2,020)
  3. 60km in Toronto (to occur in September, have raised $5,350 todate)

This challenge will require not only travel expenses but fundraising and training levels I have yet to experience.  I have a lot of work ahead of me but the benefits for families threatened by cancer out weigh my efforts.  I also have the support of a strong team behind me and a network of friends and family second to none!

As long as I take things one step at a time, I will accomplish this....why? Because I am grateful to be alive! I can not tell you the feeling of meeting people during these events that are days away from dying and knowing they don't have the escape clause you and I do, seeing the hope in their eyes as they participate in the event. 

I sincerely hope you will find it in your heart to donate to the 2012 Weekend to End Women's Cancers. Supporting cancer research today means increasing the likelihood that your family members, friends, co-workers, will see a lower incidence of cancer and increased survival rates. We need more research, better treatments, methods of preventing cancer more effectively, and finally wiping out this deadly disease in our lifetime. If you require proof, I'm it! 

Join My Circle For Hope!
My commitment is based on love and my realization that we each need to do our part in this fight. I can walk. I can raise funds to benefit cancer research and I can and choose to be a part of this movement to save lives.

This is my journey. 

This is my Weekend Circle for Hope.


Thank you for your kind donation and support.  


Participant ID is 560571-8


PS...Warning! This cause is not only for women as my own Grandfather suffered a painful battle and lost due to complications of breast cancer.


Join Our Butterfly of Hope Team!

I invite everyone considering this event to go for it! Join me or volunteer your support in 2012 and experience something you will cherish a life time. I have joined a wonderful team called Butterfly of Hope led by a legendary Hero of this cause.  Join us! http://www.endcancer.ca/site/TR/Events/Toronto2011?pg=team&fr_id=1455&team_id=103486

Here is some very interesting insight in regards to our team captain Mr. Chad Cieslik. 2012 is special to Chad because as a cancer survivor, he will be celebrating his 50th 60km walk. After reading this you will understand why I stand behind this man and his efforts! My team-mates and I are so proud to be apart of the Butterfly of Hope.





Proceeds benefit The Campbell Family Institute at The Princess Margaret, funding important breast cancer research, education, services and care.

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