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Mme./Mrs. Donna 44 Harper

Goal: $2,000.00
Achieved: $2,597.27

Every Step Brings Us Closer to a Cure
Every Step Brings Us Closer to a Cure


We all have people that we care about and love in our lives. If we are really lucky,  we have others who love us back. I am blessed to have had, and still have, tremendous amounts of love in my life. I have a wonderful husband and children. I have a Mother who constantly supports and believes in me. I have friends who are always there to listen, laugh and cry with. I have "sisters" and "brothers" that I couldn't live without....we are family in the best sense of the word.

To have breast cancer touch one of my loved ones was devastating to me. I never thought that this disease would touch my life. To have to live through it with someone you love and not be able to do anything concrete to help them was a big shock. This is not like a cold or the flu, you are helpless in the face of what they have to go through. 

All the support in the world does not beat this disease....it takes research and A LOT of money. Earlier detection and even better treatements are needed.

I am walking this year because I want to help make a difference. I want to help erradicate this disease. I want all my nieces, little cousins and friends NEVER to have to worry about breast, cervical or ovarian cancer. It is hard enough being a woman.

Thank-you for helping me reach my goal.




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