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Every Step Brings Us Closer to a Cure
Every Step Brings Us Closer to a Cure

My name is Kelly, i am an aspiring Nursing student. In my many years on this lovely world i have witnessed a great deal of love, hope and joy. But of course, i have also witnessed a great deal of sadness,hardship and loss. One of the greatest losses i have seen is that of losing your own mother. Though i still hold mine in a loving vicegrip, i dread the day where she will depart my life. Cancer is known to run within the women of my family, and i fear every day that it will claim her.

This is why i have decided to take action!

Upon this great world of ours, millions of mothers, sisters and daughters suffer with Cancer. Though some survive, some sadly cannot fight. For this reason, and for the love i hold for the women of my life, i have joined my company's Walk for Cancer Weekend!! This exciting weekend will see me walking 60 kilometers in 2 short days. However, i must fundraise a minimum of 2000$ in order to take part in this walk. As such, i ask my fellow Facebookers, Redditors, Twitterers, Comic readers and flesh-and-blood friends to help me in this quest of mine! Come walk with me in spirit for this glorious cause, for i will make you all proud! Help me fight to end all Women's Cancers! Help me fight for our gorgeous women! But most of all, help me save our mommies! 

Please donate now, the fate of my weekend is in your hands!


Be a Part of My Journey, Join My Circle For Hope!

Pharmaprix(MD) Weekend to End Women's Cancers? is a two-day, 60-kilometre or one-day 32-kilometre walk through the neighbourhoods of Montreal. It will be a challenge and I am ready to take on this endeavour to find a cure to breast and gynecologic cancers!

My commitment is based on love and my realization that we each need to do our part in this fight. I can walk. I can raise funds to benefit the Segal Cancer Centre at the Jewish General Hospital, a leader in the fight against all women's cancers. I can and choose to be a part of this movement to save lives.

I ask you to join my Circle For Hope. Be a part of my very personal journey - by giving, by walking with me, or simply by sharing my story with your circle of influence.

This is my journey.
This is my Weekend Circle For Hope.




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