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Please donate to my journey and make this Weekend matter! 

I am walking for my Aunt who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer so that we can raise funds & awareness for this great cause and save many more lives including hers. In her honor, I will walk with pride amongst all those who have lost incredible people or know someone suffering of this disease.



I will participate in the Pharmaprix(MD)'s Weekend to End Women's Cancers a 1-day 32-kilometre or a 2-day 60-kilometre walk through Montreal. This will be a big challenge for me but it doesn't compare to the challenge all the women & people around the world face every single day. 

My commitment to this journey is based on the realization that Cancer is a widespread disease, that will affect an entire family and circle of friends. The only thing we can do to support all cancer patients all over the universe is to come together and do something bold and powerful to fund further research in an effort to find a cure, for ALL cancers and beat this disease once and for all!


My committment to this journey is based on love for all those who battle cancer everyday, I look up to them for their strength and will to live; for all those who battled the disease until their last breath with the utmost positive attitude towards life; to all the survivors whom I congratulate and pray that they remain healthy and strong; to all the people who may learn of their disease while I am on this journey.


I am thankful for my health, and even though I try to care for myself, like we all do, I still believe that no one is invincible, and that this disease may surprise even the healthiest of people when it attacks.


All it takes for me to show my commitment, is to walk. I will walk with many other believers. We will walk all around Montreal to tell the world we are all taking a stand to fight Women's Cancers, so please join me, and all my fellow ladies and gents by walking with us, contribute to my journey by giving. ANY amount can & WILL make a difference.


Please share my personal page with your family, friends and circle of influence. Take a chance with me. We have the opportunity to change thousands of lives, beginning with our own.


This isn't just my journey it's yours too.


Don't stand back and think about what you could have done. Take that first step today.

Please help fight for all those who don't have the strength to.
Help make a difference for our loved ones and their future.
Any amount is greatly appreciated and WILL make a difference.

Please Be A Part of My Journey, Join Me In This Life-Saving Adventure

Thank you!




















































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