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Georgia Kotsirilos

Goal: $250.00
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Every Step Brings Us Closer to a Cure
Every Step Brings Us Closer to a Cure

Against All Odds

We have commited for our 7th year once again.Last year I unfortunately did not have the chance to finish the walk due to having pericarditis.I was looking forward to experiencing another year full of memories with past walkers and survivers.Even the weather was not on our side with HURRICANE IRENE,but it sure makes you apperciate the little things like having no pain and looking forward to days full of promises and hope.We hope this year it will give me the chance to once again do what we love the most ,that is making a big difference to End All Women Cancers.It will make it even more challenging,inspiriting and motivating event .We believe we can even make a bolder difference in what we are passoniate about,especially having the challenges we went through last year and knowing that it is to End All Women Cancers and to bring it closer to A CURE.

Recently my mother found out that she has a life threating condition and that she has to make changes in her nutrition and life style .That once again made me realize that even when you think you can avoid from getting ill, someone that you know will be touch by it and it is still on incline and we want to make A BIGGER DIFFERENCE AND COME TO A CURE.

Every year it seems to be a more great and memorable experience sharing the walk with family,friends and with all the different survivors from all type of cancers.

So once again we are asking you to give generously for the 60-km Weekend to End All Women Cancers walk by helping us reach our goal and make this year even more memorable for all us.

Thank you for all the previous sponsors and supporters and without all of you we could not had made the difference we wanted to and be able to continue our journey.

Please remember that all funds go to the Segal Cancer Centre at the Jewish General Hospital and it will help them find a cure by providing the breast cancer research, education, services and care needed.

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