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Ms. Caterina Gasparrini

Goal: $3,750.00
Achieved: $5,700.00

Weekend 2008
Weekend 2008

In 2007, I walked… just like that.

In 2008, I walked… just like that.

In 2009, I walked… just like that.

In 2010, I walked… just like that... because I could.

In 2013, I am walking with a purpose! In 2013, I am walking alongside my darling friend Maria Di Fulvio who lost her mother to breast cancer over nineteen years ago! In 2013, I am walking in memory of Lina Campobassi! In 2013, I am walking as one of Lina’s Butterflies!

Since her passing in 1994, the advancements made in the area of breast cancer research have been huge! And yet, there is still no cure! We need to find a cure! We need to help daughters like Maria from losing their mothers! We need to help mothers like Lina from leaving their daughters!

I can help by walking 60 km over 2 days! Your part need not be as arduous! You can help by donating to my campaign! You can help by forwarding my plea to your family and friends, to your boss and coworkers - and by encouraging them to do the same! Every dollar counts!

Donate! Now!

Forward! Now!

Help! Now!

Cathy :)

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My Participant ID: 475325-8

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