Why I choose to walk!

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Every Step Brings Us Closer to a Cure
Every Step Brings Us Closer to a Cure

Why I choose to walk!

I'm walking for my mother, I'm walking for your mother, wife, or lover, grand mother, girlfriend, daughter, grand daughter, sister, aunt, niece, & cousin. I'm walking for your neighboor, co-worker, friends, associate & partner.

I'm walking for every woman who can't or won't walk for themselves. Doesn't know about it or can't get there or they simply can't afford it or for those whose commitments prevent it from happening & for those who are physically unable.

I'm walking not only walking for the one out of eight women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer but also I'm also walking for the other seven.

I'm walking for every survivor & I'm walking for every victim claimed & to change it's direction.

I'm walking for the women who talked to her doctor, the day that the "C-Word" entered her life & she thought her life ended. If I could talk to her I could let her know that her life isn't over it's just changing.

I'm walking for blood pressure cuffs, cat scans, mammograms, pet scans, x-rays, biopsies, stethoscopes, thermometers, visiting nurses & for every woman whose been in a hospital with a huge needle sticking out of their boob.

I'm walking for those who walked for them. I'm walking for everyone at the Jewish General Hospital & every other place that helps women with Breast Cancer & for those who help women cope with Breast Cancer.

I'm walking against a disease that doesn't discriminate & could care less about religion, race, social standing or how much money you make.
I'm also walking for all the women & men I don't know who have Breast Cancer. I'm walking for every woman who just had a mammogram & is waiting for the results. I'm even walking for the few men who are diagnosed with breast cancer.

I'm walking for the 40000 women who are killed by Breast Cancer every year & for the hundreds of thousands who are not.

I'm walking for the daughter of every mother or grandmother who has Breast Cancer. I'm walking because I can because I should because thousands
of others will because millions of others won't.

I'm walking because a journey of a sixty kilometers begins with a single step.

I'm walking for every woman who had implants, mastectomy, reconstruction, tissue expanders, wears prosthetics & those who just don't care that they're gone.

I'm walking for every woman who kicked Breast Cancer's ass & for every woman who fought the good fight. You didn't lose, you just helped the other's win.

I'm walking because it's the least I can do. I'm walking because the expression "Cancer Free" is like music to my ears.

I'm walking because long time ago I promised myself I would treat you better & I wanted to protect you from harm & I failed. There was nothing I could do against this, I'm sorry & I'm walking for every other human being who's ever felt this way.

I'm walking for everyone whose told me how Breast Cancer has affected their life since it's also affected mine.

I'm walking because Cancer sucks. I don't mean it just sucks, I mean it really really sucks.

I'm walking for every person who felt as helpless as I did watching the person you love fight with all their might.

I'm walking for William Gray's mother, Olivier's grandmother, Zab's mother & whoever else was affected by this horrible disease.

I'm walking so that your daughter won't have to.
I'm walking because 4 out of 5 odds aren't good enough. I'm walking because you were diagnosed. I'm walking because when Breast Cancer enters your life it hits like a pile of bricks.

I'm walking because I don't know what else to do.
I would walk to the ends of the Earth & to the Gates of Hell if I have to.

I'm walking for you, no matter who or where you are. Oh yeah but most of all I'm walking for my amazing, incredible, wonderful, thoughtful, loving caring, mother, Alice.

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