The "CAN" in Cancer means it CAN be beaten.

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Every Step Brings Us Closer to a Cure
Every Step Brings Us Closer to a Cure

This year once again I will be participating by helping out at the Udderly Devoted rest stop during The  Weekend to End Women's Cancers. Although, the weekend activity is primarily geared towards awareness and support towards fighting womens' cancers, let's not forget that cancer knows now boundaries, be it gendre, social status or race.

My mom is a cancer survivor having been diagnosed with breast cancer many years ago. She was lucky, they found it in time and she hasn't had any repercussions. My dad however died of lung cancer back in '93.

This year in particular I will be thinking of an old work colleague who died of brain cancer this month. I remember him as being full of life, always joking and to think that today he is gone and will no longer be there for his two young sons, it saddens me.

If you're visiting my page and just looking around, take a moment to think of how many people this dreaded disease has touched, perhaps a friend, someone in your own family. Also think of how far modern medecine has come to controlling many forms of cancer.

With your continued help more research can be conducted, more strides can be made. When most people think of cancer, it signifies the end and I can't do many things any more. Well, how about giving these people a fighting change and putting the word "CAN" back into CANcer, so with your donation, be it big or small, we can fight this terrible disease.

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Pharmaprix Weekend to End Women's Cancers? is a two-day, 60-kilometre or one-day 32-kilometre walk through the neighbourhoods of Montreal. It will be a challenge and I am ready to help those who are ready to take on this endeavour to find a cure to breast and gynecologic cancers!

I am raising the much needed funds that will benefit the Segal Cancer Centre at the Jewish General Hospital, a leader in the fight against all women's cancers. I can and have chosen to be a part of this movement to save lives.

I ask you to join my Circle For Hope. Be a part of my very personal journey - by giving, by thinking of those who at this very moment may be going through the fight of their lives, or simply by sharing my story with your circle of influence.

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This is my Weekend Circle For Hope.


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