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Why do the walk? This is a monster that hurts too many. My mother, who had undergone a hysterectomy, had tackled cancer by fluke, being lucky enough in having other complications with her unknowingly cancerous uterus. Routinely she would be checked and screened for any other recurrences (again luckily). This time they found the cancer, glowing on their screens, an unimaginable challenge. Through operations, complications, and more operations my Momsie has still never failed to be the freak of nature she is, returning a glowing queen radiant and proud.

She has had to face numerous battles, challenging her body and spirit more than ever. She has bloomed in so many ways carrying more strength, and love for life than ever. No news is devastating to her; all news has good in it. My mother is truly the strongest person I know, and my family and I hold on to this as a soothing reminder through the worries that she will not, and has not let anything bring her down.

Seeing THE STRONGEST WOMAN at times of low is absolutely devastating. There is no way to rid the back of your mind of the facts; no solution or other payment option available. The facts are impossible to accept, yet we adapt to other means to brighten this reality (not so hard when you?re surrounded by family and friends).

The other day was a bad day; one where I was not so confident about things, and tired of the burden weighing on my mother, sad for all she?s been through, and scared for what is to come. How do I make this better? How the f*ck do I stop this!? Do I become a scientist and find the cure myself!? Realistically speaking; no, but what I CAN do is walk along side my mother, and raise AS MUCH money as POSSIBLE to make AS MUCH of a DIFFERENCE!!

We walk: For my mom, for all others suffering, and for the cause that has advanced as well as saved so many lives, and will continue to do so with your support. Together, a difference (with support, time, and love) is made! Please donate and support the cause that holds the fate of; be it number of breaths or BREASTS

F*CK cancer!




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