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Hi friends and family,

As many of you close to my family know this past year has not been too easy on my family. In October, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and has undergone multiple surgeries since. The recoveries following each surgery were difficult to say the least, yet my mom did not let this ruin her spirits. Through the ongoing struggles, she always found reasons to smile and through her great spirit has kept the heartbeat in our family alive.   

To my brave Jubert. you and Garman together have made the best family a kid could ask to grow up in. The love and support you both share is enormous and for this I am grateful. If I could I would take all the pain you have had this past few months in a heartbeat.. no one as amazing as you deserves to go through something so horrific and painful. Though, through these tough times you have still managed to teach me such an amazing lesson to enjoy every little moment and cherish every day.  Needless to say, I love you so much and you mean the world to me. Though you are tiny in stature, your heart is as big as the universe and each and everyday I'm proud to call myself your Jem. For you I walk, and for every woman out there I promise to raise as much money as I can so no one's kids will ever have to see their mother's suffer...           

To everyone thank you so much for the support these past few months! Please help me raise money to support this amazing cause :)

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