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Rebecca & I
Rebecca & I


Dear Friends,

Ending women's cancer is a cause very close to my heart.

I am walking in memory of my mother, Carolyn Jones, and along-side my long-time friend, Gail Arnold.

Both of their stories highlight why continued cancer research is so important.

Our mom underwent a hysterectomy in 2001, where it was discovered she had ovarian cancer.  It had already spread throughout her abdomen, and doctors did not give us a positive prognosis. She fought with all she had, but left us in April 2002. She was only 57.

The doctor told us he was suspicious of the tumour, and sent it to Princess Margaret Hospital for analysis. Through this process it was confirmed that our grandmother, who had passed away at the age of 49, had died from ovarian cancer as well. Through their research, they were able to determine that this was in fact hereditary, and that my mother did carry the BRAC-1 gene. Learning this information too late to prevent my mother’s illness was devastating. But this research is invaluable for this generation, and will allow families to make very important choices regarding their health.

We all miss our mom & grandma terribly, and will continue to think of her every step along the road.

Gail’s story has a much happier ending. In late 1993, I was pregnant with my third child, and Gail got pregnant at the same time with her first. This was such an exciting time for us to be pregnant together, and having new babies for the summer of 1994. About mid-way through her pregnancy, doctor’s confirmed that Gail had cervical cancer. They stated it was aggressive, and she must undergo surgery immediately. They claimed she would need to end her pregnancy, and would never have children. For a 26 year old, this was devastating news on every front.

The good news is that Gail was transferred to a hospital in downtown Montreal, where they were able to hold off on her surgery long enough for her son to survive.

Casey just celebrated his 19th birthday, and Gail is celebrating 19 years of being Cancer Free! She is our living proof that research is paying off in saving not just mother’s lives, but those of their babies too!

I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this 60 km event, and request your support in raising the $2,000 goal to walk both days.

Thank you in advance for any level of support.

Jennifer xx






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