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Can't Find a Good Breast Cancer Pic, So Chose This For Now
Can't Find a Good Breast Cancer Pic, So Chose This For Now

I have so many complaints about Breast Cancer.

Apart from the fact that it makes people sick and possibly even kills them it is a major pain in the ass.

It's hard to work when you're sick. It's hard to take care of your kids, and according to my beautiful roommate it even hurts to eat sushi. UGH.

Plus there's the whole chemo complication subplot.  All kinds of hair loss, bright red pee, people making you lasagnas. The worst.

When it's over it's not even over because you might not have boobs, your hair might grow in funny (redhead friend of mine re-grew brown hair).

All of this is just the beginning.

My biggest complaint about Breast Cancer is that it forces me to walk 60km every summer.  Sure it looks fun but don't let the pictures deceive you.

This walk is a major commitment.

Please, please, please help us find a cure so that I can have the summer off the suffering will finally end.

Thank you so much in advance for your no doubt generous donation.

All my love.



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