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Mme./Mrs. Rena Entus

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Every Step Brings Us Closer to a Cure
Every Step Brings Us Closer to a Cure

Please accept this as a personal request.


Ten years ago when I was turning 65

I wanted a challenge.

I wanted something physical for which I could strive;

I was in good health and happy to be alive.


In 2004 I was looking for something more;

In 2014 I am still not ready to close the door.


For 9 years I have walked the streets of Montreal and its suburbs gladly.

Even though my toes have fared very badly

I plan to walk again for my 10th year.


It won’t be long before August 2014 is here.


So my dear family and friends this is what I have in store.

It is not chutzpah I lack

That is why I am back.


I have something special to ask

For you I created this task.


(Here comes the real chutzpah…..)

This year I ask that you increase the amount of your previous donation.


To your previous generous gifts

I am asking you add an amount of “75”.

$75000.00…   $7500 …   $750…. nice numbers, that’s true…


Don’t panic, don’t fret.  75 cents and $ 7.50 include “75” too….

That is all I am asking of you.


Adding 75 would raise the intake

And make it fun to see


$25.00 could become $ 25.75 or

10.75 to $25.00 making it $35.75 would celebrate 10 + 75 (even more chutzpadik)

For those who gave 100 maybe you could change $100 to $100.75, or perhaps to $107.50



(I hope that it won’t break the bank.)

For those that haven't contributed to my site before

$15.75 or $20.75 could be an easy way to start.

To open up this door; Feel free to give even more.

Please find it in your heart.

Join in the fun!


The JGH Segal Center and Research and I for your gifts of tzedakah  have you to thank.


Now the rest is up to you!

Be creative; find a way to add ”75”

Help me reach $7500…. to celebrate 75, or even better $10 000.75 to celebrate 10 years.


I thank you in advance for your support and your help to celebrate 10 years of walking.

I thank you for the part you play in my 75th year of a very happy life.


I will start with a $750.00 donation in memory of those we have loved, lost and miss and to honour those who struggle to live!  I walk so those who are well be able to continue to live well!


Thanks for all you do to help others,

with love and respect










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