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Team Dinha

Tom and Dinha's Story





It is October 31, 2014 we are sitting on the edge of the hospital bed, Dr. Lau and Nancy Drummond the Nurse Navigator are poised to give us the biopsy results taken the day before. The words out of Dr. Lau’s mouth are “it is cancer as we suspected, stage 3C”. These words are piercing and words you never want to hear. We are reassured by the words of Dr. Lau and Nancy that they will take the best possible care of our Dinha. We are told there would be 4 cycles of Chemotherapy (12 weeks), surgery consisting of a full hysterectomy and debulking  (removing all visible signs of the cancer in the peritoneal cavity), followed by 3 more cycles of Chemotherapy (9 weeks). There was a calm and a take care of business attitude that I saw in Dinha. Not a beat was skipped when asked about starting treatment. Within 2 hours of the diagnosis, chemotherapy had begun and in our minds she was on her way to being cancer free. You can say we were naive and ignorant but that is the way we were going to approach this disease. It was not going to get the best of Dinha. She had her eyes on the finish line the whole time, nothing was going to get in her way an there would be no other outcome but remission.


Healing, it is “All About Love”.


From the moment of diagnosis we were open to everyone, letting everyone know what was happening, and to be prepared to be asked for help. Asking was not needed; the outpouring of love and support came in so many ways, from words of kindness, meals & food delivered to our door, an ear to listen, and prayers. Surprisingly the love and support not only came from our family and friends but our friends’ friends, and our childrens friends. The love shared by everyone was felt and accepted with open arms. I guess it should not come as a surprise to me that Dinha is so loved by all, she is a phenomenal mother and friend. I am fortunate to call her not only my wife but also my friend whom I love with all my heart.


From the team of Doctors of the Gynecologic Oncology Department including Dr. Gotlieb, Dr. Lau & Dr. Salvador to all the nurses and support staff we are eternally grateful for the love and empathy you showed not only to Dinha but, to all your patients. The care and attentiveness that Dinha received at the Segal Cancer Centre of the Jewish General Hospital is why she is here today able to say with confidence “I am in remission”.


So to everyone involved in any way, we say thank you, thank you, thank you.


Tom Reynolds

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