The 2012 Toronto Shoppers Drug Mart Weekend to End Women's Cancers benefiting The Campbell Family Institute at The Princess Margaret

The Princess Margaret Pacers

Join Us for "10 Years Strong" in 2012!

The Shoppers Drug Mart® Weekend to End Women's Cancers is a two-day, 60-kilometre or one-day 32-kilometre walk through the neighbourhoods of Toronto. 2012 will mark the 10 year anniversary of this remarkable event that has fueled a national movement to end women's cancers.

Our commitment is based on love and the realization that we can each do our part. As a team, we will walk. We will raise funds to benefit The Campbell Family Institute at The Princess Margaret, one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world, where our vision is to Conquer Cancer in our Lifetime by leading the discovery and delivery of personalized cancer medicine.

Please join us for our "10 Years Strong" Weekend in 2012! So much progress is being made but we need your support to continue. Let's walk for our mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, colleagues and friends!

The Princess Margaret Pacers Raised
Paul Alofs $95,411.01
Christine Anderson $2,000.00
Mary Gospodarowicz $4,960.00
Jessy Abed $210.00
Patti Abraham $2,240.00
Karen Adams $2,175.00
Sheila Alofs $5,210.00
Vikesh Anand $2,747.00
Amanda Batchelor $2,004.00
Bob Bell $2,100.00
Diann Bell $2,100.00
Richard Cadieux $1,530.00
Sue Calderwood $0.00
Sharon Cardie $3,513.00
Christine Carlone $2,170.00
Peggy Catania $1,460.00
Nicolas Cheung $1,270.00
Renata Czech $1,260.00
Karen Darrah $1,330.00
Debbie Davison $1,357.00
Jenny Diep $0.00
Jasdeep Dosanjh $360.00
Alisha Elford $1,300.00
Charmaine Elford $1,375.00
Ana Fernandez $2,060.00
Daniela Gheoculet $1,530.00
Anthony Green $1,253.00
Lorraine Green $1,338.00
Heather Guscott $1,565.00
Surijanti Hartono $2,030.00
Rebecca Holohan $1,300.00
G.L.A. (Wendy) Horbay $210.00
Kerry Ibe $1,417.00
Fahrin Kaba $0.00
Adam Khalfalla $270.00
Raj Kharakia $1,250.00
Vickie Kong $1,500.00
Stephane Laframboise $3,191.00
Christine Lasky $4,210.00
Fionna Li $1,550.00
Prestina Li $2,155.00
Evan Lind $1,250.00
Bridgette Lord $1,250.00
Margaret Lynch $1,250.00
Tak Mak $0.00
David McCready $4,970.00
Cheri McCuaig $3,170.00
Peggy McGill $1,500.00
Susan Meertens $2,097.00
Steve Merker $1,337.00
Christy Morrow $310.00
Anne Ng Ming Hing $2,200.00
Geri Ottewell $1,580.00
Lily Peng $1,250.00
Brandee Pidgeon $1,325.00
Asha Raheja $4,613.00
Jerry Roussos $150.00
Alanna Rubino $210.00
Maria Smith $25.00
Charlene Stamegna $25.00
Janice Stewart $210.00
Micheal Stuart $110.00
Shannon Stuart $110.00
Terri Stuart-McEwan $2,385.00
Lue-Ann Swanson $1,645.00
AINI THU $1,730.00
Rajasree Unnikrishnan $2,125.00
Melinda Uy $1,575.00
Foruzan Velji $1,588.00
Julie Wenz $1,495.00
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The Princess  Margaret Pacers
The Princess Margaret Pacers


The Princess Margaret Pacers


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