The 2012 Toronto Shoppers Drug Mart Weekend to End Women's Cancers benefiting The Campbell Family Institute at The Princess Margaret


We're a 10!

The Shoppers Drug Mart® Weekend to End Women's Cancers is a two-day, 60-kilometre or one-day 32-kilometre walk through the neighbourhoods of Toronto. 2012 will mark the 10 year anniversary of this remarkable event that has fueled a national movement to end women's cancers.

Join us to commemorate the monumental decade of difference we’ve made for all women.  We walk in honour of those we’ve lost and the lives we’re saving each day. We’re recruiting old friends and making new ones in a joint effort to expand The Weekend Family and end women’s cancers once and for all.

Please join us for our "10 Years Strong" Weekend in 2012! So much progress is being made but we need your support to continue.

Whether you’re a Survivor yourself or walking for a loved one or walking for all women, it doesn’t matter. Now is as good a time as ever to discover your inner 10!

Support us in 2012. BE A 10!

Deloitte Raised
Noel Woodsford $4,150.00
Hazel Fernandes $1,670.00
Tina Abedrabbo $925.00
Danny Abramowitz $1,330.00
Izzy Abramowitz $1,514.00
Michelle Abramowitz $1,914.00
Talia Abramowitz $2,336.00
Ziona Abramowitz $2,176.00
Jennifer Agro $567.00
Ikram Al Mouaswas $1,427.00
Suzy Anderson $2,000.00
Peta-Gaye Atknison $390.00
Melanie Bhatt $20.00
Karen Boucher $1,247.00
Mike Boucher $572.00
John Bowey $11,827.00
Susan Bowey $2,112.00
Maria Caunce $605.00
Hei Cheng $1,250.00
Susan Coffin $565.00
Patricia D'Souza $1,227.00
Sybil D'Souza $1,250.00
Kate Davydova $1,097.00
Anna Maria Di Minno $2,650.00
Alexandra Dietrich $1,482.00
Jennifer Dimitry $1,400.00
Catrina Dowie $732.00
Andrea Drakes $1,420.00
Katrina Durst $1,250.00
Angela Evans-Kim $2,057.00
Violet Gasparro $1,302.00
Johanna Gerrie $1,072.00
Jill Gibson $1,365.00
Annesley Hogg $2,360.00
Christy Holland $1,887.00
Kimberly Horvath $1,318.00
Christina howitt $0.00
Kiran Khun-Khun $1,731.75
Aleksandra Kicela $962.00
Ilona Kumpula $607.00
Danielle Lis $1,322.00
Claudette Loconte $1,152.00
Daphne Lucas $1,302.00
Tracy Lucato $2,882.00
Melissa MacIntyre $1,710.00
Jennifer McCallum $1,855.00
Agnes Melegh $0.00
Tatiana Nestertchouk $600.00
Sarah Netley $1,354.00
Adam Paul $842.00
Patricia Salverda $6,321.00
Anna Sfetkopoulos $320.00
Maria Sobrepena $50.00
Heather Strati $3,865.00
Sandra Suh $745.00
Gregory Tavitian $2,000.00
Christina Teow $1,740.00
Dragana Trajkovic $415.00
Tifany Turriati $0.00
Cindy Veinot $2,900.00
Shelley Vinayak $1,736.00
Krysten Walker $640.00
Caitlin Weldon $1,377.00
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