The 2012 Toronto Shoppers Drug Mart Weekend to End Women's Cancers benefiting The Campbell Family Institute at The Princess Margaret

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You've heard of the Butterfly Effect - the theory that a Butterfly flapping its wings in Beijing can cause hurricanes in the Atlantic. Imagine that same effect applied to raising money for cancer research.

How can one little Butterfly have such a big impact? It's not a surprise when the Butterfly is Chad Cieslik!

Chad started walking in the 60km Weekend to End Women's Cancer at the first event in 2003. But he didn't stop there. He continued to walk, not just in his home area of Toronto, but in every city where the event was held - every event, every city, every year. And when there were two events the same weekend (Toronto and Vancouver), Chad walked in both - 30km on a treadmill on Friday, 30km on the road with the walkers in Toronto on Saturday, then he flew to Vancouver, walked 30km on a treadmill Saturday night, then the final 30km with the walkers on Sunday.

Along the routes, he inspired people to do the same - many joined the Butterfly of Hope and walked with Chad to raise funds for this worthy cause. Unfortunately, Chad was stricken with cancer himself and wasn't able to walk in 2010 - although he did raise at least $2000 for each event and attended all of them to inspire his teams. By this time, the Butterfly of Hope had 210 walkers country-wide.

So far, the Butterfly of Hope has raised (2010-2011) $990,000. That combined with the $230,000 that Chad has raised over nine years himself brings the total to $1,220,000.

 Now that's a hurricane!

Chad will be walking again in 2012. And it's a very special year. Not only is it 10 years since he took his first bold steps to Conquer Women's Cancers, the final event this year will be Chad's 50th event. And he has big plans. He will walk in every city as usual. He also is planning a few 60km treadmill walks and perhaps even a 60 hour treadmill walk. Finally, Chad hopes to have a team of 150 Butterflies for the Toronto event, and has set a steep goal of $400,000 in fundraising.

Authored by Katie MacKenzie a Butterfly of Hope member.

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Butterfly Of Hope Raised
Chad Cieslik $2,032.00
Aline Goulet $3,832.50
Barb Myers $4,087.10
Jane Agosta $3,152.00
Doina Amudipe $2,220.00
Judy Bates-Varcoe $0.00
Cindy Beange $2,737.00
Judy Bentley $3,078.00
Sylvia Bereskin $0.00
Corinne Bernatt $2,046.00
Penny Bertrand $2,200.00
Shannon Betts $1,250.00
Judi Binns $2,130.00
Malika Boulal $2,495.00
Colleen Bryant $2,485.91
Daisy Burnett $530.00
Kathleen Burnett $2,070.50
Alison Carli $0.00
Cathy Chamberlain $2,042.00
Alicia Childs $2,240.00
Sharon Clement $20.00
sharie-lynn connell $500.00
Carolyn Cota $2,030.50
Steve da Costa $2,030.00
Dawn Dallyn $1,500.00
Sheila De Feo $795.00
Kimberly Dort $3,550.76
Sandra Dos Santos $0.00
Elizabeth Dueck $0.00
Louise Eisfeld $2,030.00
Joanna Ferguson $997.00
Sharla Finn $2,074.00
Jeremy Fisher $2,080.00
Dorothy Francis $2,000.00
Lynn Frenette $2,025.00
Melissa Furlano $2,037.00
Mary Furnell-Johnson $2,327.20
Anna Gale $25.00
Marilyn Gerbrandt $2,775.00
Lily Giandomenico $0.00
Mary Giandomenico $0.00
Carla Goodine $2,261.00
Rene Graham-Evans $4,845.50
Dawn Grant $1,250.00
Susan Greenough $2,550.00
Lesley Hawley $2,193.90
Jennifer Heaman $6,584.17
Ewa Henry $270.00
Michelle Hills $2,000.00
Meagan Hodge $1,250.00
Michele Hood $2,202.00
Stacey Hood $2,000.00
Wendy Hunt $0.00
Danica Jaklin $2,000.00
kim keeping $0.00
Theresa Kelly $2,000.00
Travis Kelly $2,000.47
matthew kirincic $1,250.00
Maureen Kirincic $6,790.00
Ania Kordiuk $2,117.00
Alanna Landymore $2,078.20
Betty Lea $2,199.00
Lina Leonetti $2,355.00
Ed Lewis $11,090.00
Jessica MacInnis $2,147.87
Katie MacKenzie $1,995.00
Kaitlyn Maracle $0.00
Melanie Marchese $2,020.00
Lynn Mazar $2,000.00
Allison McBrine $650.00
Ross McCallum $2,820.88
Carrie McElroy $1,250.00
Marion McNeill $5,800.00
Emy McWilliams $1,331.00
Rozalia Meichl $2,001.00
Patricia Milne $1,250.00
Oswald Miranda $2,001.00
Juliet Mohammed $0.00
Jason Moore $2,000.00
Tracey Moore $2,002.17
Kimberley Murphy $350.00
Donna Nesbitt $501.25
Dorothy Noronha $2,500.00
Angela Olmstead $2,775.00
Debbie Osgarby $1,950.00
Lisa Paul $0.00
Robert Pirie $1,250.00
Cheryl Platts $877.00
Viesia Pobega $2,000.00
Pauline Postill $460.00
Nancy Pryce $675.00
Caroline Quan $2,580.00
Barry Robins $626.00
Phyllis Robins $4,124.00
Dominique Robinson $1,171.80
Laura Rudback $100.00
Navinder Sahota $1,245.00
Josie Scrocco $2,000.00
Maral Shokoohideh $2,000.00
Susan Simons $4,220.00
deodat singh $100.00
Gwendolyn Singh $100.00
Amanda Skilton $1,295.00
Rachael Sobel-Abikzir $726.00
Wendy Stebbing $2,734.65
Shuna Talbot $2,000.00
Judy Tardiff $2,150.00
Carmen Tellez-O'Mahony $1,255.00
Chris Tessier $650.00
Carol Timmons $2,052.00
Theresa Tremblay $1,250.00
Catherine Ujihara $6,030.59
Veronica Van Rooyen $1,250.00
Pat Vos $2,000.00
Jill Voyer $2,164.60
Barb Wall $2,329.38
Bill Wall $2,120.00
Carly Wallwork $1,325.00
Nancy Wallwork $1,442.00
Faye Waye $2,760.00
Mark Weber $2,000.00
Carrie-Anne White $100.00
Edith White $140.00
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