The 2012 Toronto Shoppers Drug Mart Weekend to End Women's Cancers benefiting The Campbell Family Institute at The Princess Margaret

MAC Rally of Hope

10 years ago we were a team of one! This year we will be walking with a team 100 people strong in support of the Weekend to End Women's Cancers! We will walk for one day of 32 kilometres or two days of 60 kilometres for the people in our lives cancer has taken or touched and those saved or spared.

The Princess Margaret Hospital is one of the top 5 cancer research facilities in the world and has made so much progress in the last decade. Please help us help them end cancer in our lifetime!

If you're a friend of Mortgage Alliance or part of our extended family please support us by donating or walking with us on September 8th and 9th this year as part of our Mac Rally of Hope Team. It will be an event to remember!

MAC Rally of Hope Raised
Melissa Rizzi $72,795.51
Elina Abramyan $2,200.04
Anthony Adrien $1,422.00
Lisette Amalfi $2,495.00
Peter Atawo $1,462.00
Tamana Aurang $2,081.88
Zahra Aurang $2,071.88
Frank Bancroft $0.00
Tony Bartolomeo $1,250.00
Khalil Bawari $1,277.00
Michael Beckette $2,895.00
Louie Bettio $1,250.00
Tomo Brank $0.00
Susan Brown $0.00
Oleg Chinguirei $0.00
Pramod Chopra $1,985.00
Bonny Clarke $100.00
Marilyn Collison $1,360.00
Katrina Couto $0.00
Harold Cowling $2,937.00
Tony D'Avino $0.00
Tanya Da Silva $1,250.00
Manmohan Dhillon $100.00
Beverly Doucette $1,450.00
Cathy Ducker $1,250.00
Cindy Duncan $625.00
Albert Eldarov $0.00
Sandra Ferreira $1,250.00
Scott Findlay $0.00
Egan Fitzpatrick $0.00
Sharon Fitzpatrick $200.00
Mary Floros $1,285.00
Sonya Giambattista $75.00
David Gyurits $1,258.23
Andy Hammond $0.00
Lori Hill $2,000.00
Angela Jaggernath $1,260.88
Athena Kanellos $2,671.00
Rena Kanellos $75.00
Joseph Kostantin $0.00
Janice Lander $1,287.88
Anny Le $1,505.00
Tony Leung $2,325.00
Laura MacLennan $269.04
Laurie Malone $6,100.00
Stacey Malone $1,850.00
Christian Mariani $3,425.00
Christina Mariani $350.00
Sarah Mariani $50.00
Elisabeth Martin $1,617.00
Christa Mitchell $2,485.00
Gelareh Mostaghim $100.00
Barb Otto $1,452.00
Mario Panzini $1,327.00
Michelle Pedro $1,556.75
Alena Persaud $2,097.00
Margot Phillips $0.00
Emily Pinheiro $0.00
Joe Pinheiro $2,002.00
Eduarda Pita $0.00
Elena Pouzanova $0.00
Jennifer Rizzi $2,150.00
Joel Rizzi $2,700.00
Vlad Rubanovsky $0.00
Melanie Seguin $1,325.00
Joyita Sen $0.00
Doreen Singh $1,250.88
Julia Smirnova $625.00
Yasmine Soliman $1,250.88
Maureen Spina $1,567.00
Tyfanny-Rose Stanley $2,000.00
Yvonne Stanley $0.00
Karl Sutton $385.88
Valerie Trama $1,400.00
Tina Trama-Mayol $2,050.00
Mindy Tweedle $0.00
Janet Yuan $235.88
Denotes a Team Captain

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MAC Rally of Hope


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