The 2013 Toronto Shoppers Drug Mart Weekend to End Women's Cancers benefiting The Campbell Family Institute at The Princess Margaret

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Welcome to the Butterfly of Hope team page.   We are so happy to be back for the 2013 season and we are very excited that you are joining us again, or considering joining us for the first time.  You are an integral part of our team.  Without you, the Butterfly of Hope team could not take part in this very worthwhile cause.  Thank you so much for being there with us.

WE SUPPORT!  Diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, and / or radiation are not processes anyone wants to ever have to deal with but many of us, including friends, family members and teammates have to do just that.  And unfortunately many, too many, still will.

Butterfly of Hope teammates are here to support each other and it is because of your encouragement and commitment that we are able to support cancer research, the funding of state of the art equipment, and survivorship programs at the Princess Margaret Hospital.  It is because of your support that we are able to participate in this amazing weekend each year.  It is because of your support that we look forward with HOPE to ending cancer in our lifetime.  Thank you for being there for all of us.

 WE HONOR!  We honour our survivors who, with your support, our support and the support of all those who love them, have come through some very difficult times. Some are now enjoying a cancer free life.  Some have learned to live with the disease.  Many are in remission.  We honour their spirit, their determination, their courage, their fortitude and their strength.  They are our inspiration.

 WE REMEMBER! Butterfly of Hope has lost team members; women who walked with us and became our friends.  Almost all of us have lost loved ones to cancer and many of us have lost family members.  Some of them were young moms, some were grandmothers, and all were taken far too soon.  They walked to fight cancer and now they are gone.  We supported them then and we honour them now. We hold them in our memories and in our hearts.  We will always remember them.

 Thank you to all of you who are supporting Butterfly of Hope in our fight to put an end to this terrible group of diseases called cancer and for supporting those who are still fighting.  Thank you for helping us to honour our survivors and thank you for remembering those we have lost and for helping us to remember that we need to keep doing our part in making cancer history!

Butterfly Of Hope Raised
Personal Gift Aline Goulet $4,198.00
Personal Gift Papa Butterfly $2,235.00
Personal Gift Barb Myers $3,085.00
Personal Gift Jane Agosta $2,002.00
Personal Gift Doina Amudipe $2,200.28
Personal Gift Christina Batista $2,050.00
Personal Gift Cindy Beange $2,867.00
Judy Bentley $0.00
Personal Gift Corinne Bernatt $2,309.00
Personal Gift Penny Bertrand $2,741.00
Shannon Betts $0.00
Malika Boulal $850.00
Personal Gift Lisa Brush $8,361.00
Daisy Burnett $0.00
Cathy Chamberlain $2,145.00
Personal Gift Alicia Childs $2,129.59
Filomena Costa $600.00
Carolyn Cota $2,000.00
Personal Gift Kimberly Dort $2,270.00
France Dumont $280.00
Personal Gift Sharla Finn $2,190.00
Jeremy Fisher $1,175.00
Personal Gift Melissa Furlano $2,056.00
Personal Gift Marilyn Gerbrandt $2,522.00
Personal Gift Carla Goodine $2,006.00
Personal Gift Rene Graham-Evans $3,634.00
Hillary Harrison $2,280.00
Lesley Hawley $1,430.00
Brenda Henry $2,295.00
Wendy Hunt $0.00
Janet Ibrahim $0.00
Danica Jaklin $100.00
Nevien Khaltas $0.00
matthew kirincic $200.00
Personal Gift Maureen Kirincic $3,423.00
Lina Leonetti $2,200.00
Personal Gift Sonia Leonetti $1,340.00
Personal Gift Melanie Marchese $2,000.00
Personal Gift Aida Masuka $2,082.00
Ross McCallum $3,282.76
Personal Gift Rozalia Meichl $254.00
Personal Gift Oswald Miranda $2,002.00
Donna Nesbitt $800.00
Personal Gift Angela Olmstead $2,875.00
Viesia Pobega $200.00
Personal Gift Pauline Postill $181.00
Dave Potter $0.00
Personal Gift Heather Powell $2,320.00
Personal Gift Tara Reid $2,617.00
Personal Gift Dominique Robinson $1,282.00
Sue Salamon $920.00
Josie Scrocco $100.00
Personal Gift Maral Shokoohideh $2,001.00
Personal Gift Susan Simons $3,365.00
Personal Gift Wendy Stebbing $2,119.00
Personal Gift Susanne Tapping $200.00
Personal Gift Judy Tardiff $2,100.00
Personal Gift Carol Timmons $1,547.00
Personal Gift Kaitlin Timmons $1,542.00
Personal Gift Catherine Ujihara $3,887.33
Personal Gift Mark Weber $2,650.00
Edith White $1,487.00
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