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Building a better future
Building a better future

Together, We Are Making An Important Difference

I have made a commitment to participate in The Shoppers Drug Mart® Weekend to End Women's Cancers.  I will be doing the one-day, 32-kilometre walk through the neighbourhoods of Toronto. It is going to be a challenge, but I am ready to do something bold and powerful toward achieving the goal of ending women's cancers once and for all.

I must admit that, at first, I found the idea of walking 32 kilometers challenging.  Over the summer, I have been walking steadily and progressively to build my stamina.  I can do it, and I will!  Recently, I walked well over half the distance, and saw parts of my town I really didn't notice before.  I am looking forward to doing this with the support of people like you.

My commitment is based on the realization that we each need to do our part in this fight. I can walk. I can raise funds to benefit The Campbell Family Institute at The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, a leader in the fight against all women's cancers. I want to be a part of this movement!

This is not just my journey.  It can be ours on Saturday, September 7th.  I truly believe that our contributions and our ongoing commitment to helping to end women's cancers will help to build a better future!

Thanks to everyone who has so generously sponsored my walk. You will be in my thoughts on September 7th, and I know it will be a Weekend full of hope and gratitude, starting with my sincere thanks to you for being there with me. 

Maureen :)

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