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Please Support My Journey

Thank you for visiting my site and for your support as I participate in the 2013 Weekend to End Women's Cancers 60 kilometer walk.  As you know, this will be my fourth year doing the Walk.  The past three years doing this Walk have truly been the most emotional and inspiring weekends of my life.  Every kilometer I walked, I was amazed by the encouragement of the volunteers and the random people on the streets.  The volunteers truly amazed me; they work so hard to make the walkers comfortable and happy and they truly want you to succeed. As I walked, I had a lot of time to think and you, my family and friends, people I don't know and people I have yet to meet, people who are fighing and people who will fight in the future.  YOU have helped me succeed and I am so thankful to have you in my life. 

Every year when the total amount of donations is announced I am reduced to tears.  It is unfortunate and sad that this disease exists and that we have to raise money for this at all, but it is so important that we do.  We MUST find a cure. 

Last year was a miserable walk on the first day.  A record 40mm of rain fell in Toronto on Day 1 and 4000 inspired souls walked through it.  With encouragement from my team, the volunteers, you, and the thousands of women that needed me to finish, I did just that. 

Why am I doing this?  Aside from a paternal aunt, cancer has not infected my family, and I am walking to keep it that way. I am walking for my son, so that he will always have his mother who would exhaust every measure for him, to be with him, and for my husband, so that he will always have me to love him. I want to be here as long as I can, and I want my family and friends to travel this life with me.  No one should have to lose a mother, wife, sister, daughter or friend.  This year, I am walking for a very special woman that I have not even met.  Our paths have crossed and I am going to dedicate my Walk this year to her.  She is a bright light and such an inspiration and I hope to do her proud!  I have three amazing ladies that I have the privledge of having in my life and they have decided to take this adventure with me, Mike, Sandy and Nancy (my super awesome team!!!).  They have their reasons for walking this year.  One of my girls has a cousin that has such a touching story about dealing with her cancer that I just can't get her out of my head.  We are walking for her too.  So many people to Walk for; a small load compared to the heavy loads our sick ones are dealing with.  

This year just so happens to be my 40th Birthday and I am holding my fundraiser and my birthday party on March 2 at the Bittmore in Courtice.  The theme:  40-4-40.  What it means:  $40 donation for my birthday present, 4 years of Walking, turning 40!  I sure hope you can make it!

Every year after I walk I try to reach as many people as I can to thank them and give them just a glimpse of what the Walk is like.  I have included it below.  It shows you how much the Walk means to me.

Thank you once again for your support!

Love to you all!!! xxxooo


2012 Weekend to End Women's Cancer Wrap Up Note:

Two weeks ago we woke up to pouring rain.  This is my third year doing the Walk and I knew that this day would eventually come but a record breaking 40mm in Toronto on the day that we had to walk 32 kilometers really didn?t thrill us.  As 4600 people filed out of the Direct Energy Centre into the awaiting conditions we couldn?t help but feel like we were being herded into impending doom.  As we approached the doors to the outside our vision was whitened by the pouring rain and of course about 30 feet into the Walk we had soakers which lasted the rest of the day.  Who knew that a $1.50 rain poncho would be our best friend?  Walking was slow because of the rain and the hundreds of people we had to negotiate through in order to find some clean air to walk in.  Everyone was having a great time despite the rain and we were having a good laugh at our plight.  We spontaneously broke out into song with the word ?rain? in it many times, only to be joined by others because the situation was so worthy.  As with every year, we walked past the Princess Margaret Hospital, for which your fundraising dollars are benefitting.  The exterior is currently going through a makeover so there was lots of scaffolding in the way but there was a wall which we all signed called the Wall of Courage.  There were numerous doctors, nurses and patients clapping for us as we walked by, even with the rain, thanking us for our commitment.  It?s always a very emotional part of the journey.  Good thing it was raining so no one could see my tears.

Eight hours later we arrived at Downsview Park, the finish line for Day 1.  The sky had broken up by this point and the sun was shining through only to reveal an absolute mud pit.  Upon arrival we grabbed beers (would you expect anything less from me?!?  Hehehe!) took our shoes off so our stinging feet could enjoy the cool mud and signed up for our massages.  Dinner is always great and we stuck around just long enough to have Glass Tiger entertain us with their 80?s music. 

One of my teammates has a sister who volunteers as a food preparer/server and she called us the next morning to say not to bother coming to breakfast.  Downsview Park hadn?t dried up at all.  We decided instead of starting out in wet shoes again to forgo the breakfast and to just start walking where everyone came out of the park.  Sunday was beautiful for walking and we were pleased to see so many more residents outside cheering us on and setting up stands with coffee, Timbits, Mimosas (a personal favourite stop on our tour!), Italian delicacies, candy, water and beer (another favourite stop!).  These people are amazing.  They know in advance that we are coming through and they are selfless in their efforts to make us feel like heroes.  What a thrill it was to see Kitty Cohen.  She is 99 years old this year and still walks along with a huge smile on her face!  She had a sign on her back that said ?99 and feelin? fine!?  She also had a walker which had a sign on it that read ?Thank you to Shoppers Drug Mart for letting me borrow this walker so I could participate?.  While having lunch she came walking in to a roar of applause and a standing ovation by hundreds of people congratulating her efforts.  What a girl!  More tears.

She?s not the only person I saw this year that I saw last year.  As you may recall, two day walkers wear dark blue lanyards, one day walkers wear light blue and cancer survivors or those currently in treatment wear pink.  Last year I walked behind a woman with a pink lanyard with a kerchief on her head to cover her missing hair and I was struck by how her husband had his hand on the small of her back while going up a hill implying that he was there if she needed him.  No way.  She powered up that hill like nobody?s business.  At one point this year she was walking behind me.  I had a speaker in my fanny pack and we were listening to music and I heard her say, ?hey, I?m walking with you guys, you have great tunes!?  I turned to see that it was that same woman.  Still wearing that kerchief.  Still with no hair.  I was so surprised to see her and was so struck by her beauty and the power in her stride.  I saw her again at the closing ceremonies and wished I could hug her and tell her how proud of her I was.  Tears.

I happily saw a girl that I had walked with for a couple of hours on and off last year.  We were so excited to see each other that we screamed and hugged each other tight!  Again, what are the chances?!?  She is one incredible spirit and I now am friends with her on Facebook.  Ironically enough, it turns out that she lives near my brother.  Small world!  It still blows my mind that with 4600 people walking, I saw these three people again.  It?s like it was meant to be.  Tears.

The finish line was at the Ricoh Coliseum and me, Sandy, Nancy and Mike (not my Mike, Sandy?s husband) all held hands to make those final steps.  Just before we got there who should come running up to me but Owen.  I scooped him up in my arms and hugged him tight and he whispered in my ear, ?mommy, I am so proud of you!?  Here begins crying for about 10 minutes as I see the rest of my family who came to welcome me at the finish line.  Seeing them at the finish line fills me with such joy.  I love them all the more for being there.  And we hugged.  Tight hugs.  Hugs of pride, love and relief.  There was one hug that I wasn?t expecting.  It was a hug from a woman that Mike (Sandy?s husband) knows that would be starting her second round of treatment the next day.  She came to the Walk to thank us for walking and to receive inspiration and strength from the event to help her get through the tough weeks ahead.  No words were needed, I knew exactly who she was.  And we cried.  A perfect stranger.  That is one of the reasons I walk.

The closing ceremonies are also a real emotional ride.  Supporters sat in the rink and we all paraded in like Olympians to cheering and clapping.  I blew dozens of kisses to my family.  Then the walkers with the pink lanyards come walking in to thunderous applause.  So emotional to see so many people that do this walk that are survivors or are in treatment.  So many strong women kicking the crap out of this walk to try and beat their terrible disease.  This is the 10th year of the Walk and almost 4600 people raised an amazing 10 million dollars.  The total always brings me to tears because I know how much these women need this cure.

After the ceremonies I was walking, yep walking just a little bit further to the car with my family, and there was a woman holding hands with her husband.  She looked a little younger than me.  As I past her I noticed she was pregnant?and had a pink lanyard.  I asked her when she was due and she replied, ?I?m having a C-section tomorrow?.  Both her husband were grinning from ear to ear.  I could barely wish her luck and walk away from her before I burst into tears.  I could only imagine that woman?s story.  What if she found out she had cancer while pregnant and could not start treatment?  What if she is a survivor and the cancer comes back and takes her away from her baby?  Is that husband going to be a single dad one day? 

I am also pleased that three wonderful women will be joining me and my team next year.  They are up for the challenge and I am so happy for them.  They are guaranteed to have the most amazing, life-changing weekend of their life.  So glad to be walking with Kelly, Alice and Christine!  Bring tissues ladies?

I walk because I CAN.  I HAVE to.  I do this for the 99 year old lady, the kerchief lady, the lady I?ve been lucky enough to meet two years in a row, my family, the pregnant lady, the ladies with the pink lanyards.  For ladies that I?ll never meet.  For the ladies in my life.  For the ladies in YOUR life. 

Thank you for reading and for always supporting me.  I understand that you could donate to any number of charities and I am so lucky that you support me and the Weekend to End Women?s Cancers benefitting the Princess Margaret Hospital, one of the top five cancer research institutions in the world.  I look forward to your donation again next year!  As always, my fundraising will begin again in March and I hope you will come out for another great night supporting a great cause. 

Love to you all,  Nikki

P.S. Crying again!  LOL!

From a shirt I read last year:

Raising $2000 Hard

Walking 60 Kilometers Harder

Living with Cancer - Hardest

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