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What happens under the Gardiner Expressway when there's 4 cm of rain
What happens under the Gardiner Expressway when there's 4 cm of rain

This is my third year walking in the  Shoppers Drug Mart Weekend to End Women's Cancers.  The last two years were quite a challenging.    

the first year that I walked ended with me passing out and waking up flat on my back (while registering for the next year): supposedly drinking a lot of fluids thoughout the day was important.

Last year made up for that, fluids were not a problem... 

Environment Canada issued a warning “winds of up to 50 km an hour, thunderstorms and up to 50 mm of rain”. It wasn’t all that bad, we only got 39 mm of rain and no thunderstorms so I guess we were lucky. We started inside the Direct Energy building and slowly walked out into the tempest (I think it was a precursor to the end of the world) the sewers were so backed up that there were two foot geysers erupting from the maintenance covers in the street.  

When we were about 2 km into the walk we ran into a lake under the Gartner at University. We had two options, walk through it or walk over 200 feet (the wrong way) to go around it. We decided it was too far to walk around it and, since our shoes were already wet, we went through it. I realized two things as soon as I stepped into the abyss; first, that the chasm was about a foot deep and  second, I thought my shoes were soaked through because of the rain.. they weren't, I think my shoes soaked up half of the lake (at that point I knew what wet was). 

Other than not being able to move my fingers due to the cold and damp conditions the rest of the walk was fairly uneventful.

6 hours after we started our journey we crossed the finish line. To say the camp site was muddy is an understatement; the only way I can describe it is that we walked into Woodstock II, my feet must have sunk at least 2 inches into the mud - a lot of people just gave up and walked around barefoot.  

If you haven’t participated in the Weekend to End Women’s Cancer (or any other cause) before I urge you to do so. 

Thank you for your support




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