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Let's Kick Cancer's Butt! :)
Let's Kick Cancer's Butt! :)

Donate today and make this weekend matter!

Cancer sucks! Not one of us has not suffered as a result of this horrible disease; whether it be watching someone we love battle cancer, waging a battle personally or losing a loved one. The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is working hard to conquer cancer in our lifetime...imagine an entire hospital in Toronto dedicated to the fight against cancer!

My boyfriend's dad, Les Nolan (aka Papa), approached me to join the Shoppers Drug Weekend to End Women's Cancers with him...a 2 day, 60 km walk through Toronto. An amazing opportunity to fundraise with Les, Marion, Neil, and our little sweeties-Mackenzie & Baileigh. Our entire house will be involved!

Get involved with us and join this life-saving adventure for all woman (and men too)! Please donate what you can, or join up to walk with us, or share your story, or share my page with other people. I would be tremendously grateful.

I guess this is also a way to try to feel more in control of a disease that has on several occasions pulled the rug out from under my family. My memories are strong but I would love one more chance to hug, laugh with and just be with these family members again.

I can remember. I can do what I can do. I can make Papa dress up in a pink feather boa and pink sparkles:) I can walk, far. I can help kick cancer's butt!

All my love, Jaime

Check out Les's page too: 


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