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Hailey Mellon

Goal: $3,000.00
Achieved: $2,756.00

Me, my sister and my dad volunteering at the Weekend to end women's cancer last year
Me, my sister and my dad volunteering at the Weekend to end women's cancer last year

For the past 10 years my mom Randy Mellon has walked and helped others rasie money for them to do the walk. She also has raised 1/4 million dollars for Prncess Margret Hospital. Earlier in March my family found out that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. As a child, no one wants to here those words come out of your mother or fathers mouth.

For the past few years I have been saying, "When I am old enough to walk, i'll walk." And this is what im doing, even though I am only 15. I have gotten permission to walk for my mom and support her. 

I know that my mom is a very strong woman and she will kick cancer's butt. 

On March 25th me and my family found out that my mom is officially cancer free! And is now undergoing chemotherapy to make sure it doesn't come back.  Non of this would have been possible without the amazing doctors and nurses at Princess Margret Hospital. I would also like to thank all of my friends and family for your support. My mom is a very strong person and I knew she could overcome this.

I hope that with everyone that not only donates to me but the all the other walkers, together we can find a cure!

Hailey Mellon


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