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You Are An Inspiration Even 10 Years On!
You Are An Inspiration Even 10 Years On!

I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow

Dear Patti

Year 12.  It seems like only yesterday.

I continue to be inspired by you. I have finally found a way to work with cancer patients and their families to teach them a form of compassionate kindness called Thai massage. I know it was your wish to help others, had you survived, so I will carry on for you.

Gray is 19 and I know you are proud of her. She has your kindness and compassion - oh yes, and your angry streak too, but that's all part of the mix.  Oh, and turns out she"s a mathematical genius!  Where's that from? LOL!

It's bittersweet that the type of Breast Cancer you had is now being treated with great success. I'm so happy for the women that fight it today and win. If only....if only.

Alive, you were an inspiration to us all, but now that you have passed, you continue to inspire. Everyone who hears your story is moved enough to do SOMETHING, whether it's donating online for this cause, or spreading hope, strength and courage to those in need.

I look forward to proudly walking for you again!


Your little sister, Kate


Love you

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