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It's All Worth It!.........
It's All Worth It!.........

Walking for Answers......

Hello friends! Thank you for visiting my website. I will again for the tenth year be participating in the Weekend to End Breast Cancer in Toronto on September 6, 2014. Our team will walk over 30-kilometres to support cancer research and celebrate the endurance and resilience of the human spirit and ask for answers!

Cancer will affect and change all of our lives. As each year goes by I know more women who have been diagnosed. Now it is time to do our part to raise money and walk together in search of answers. The money will help fund important research and increase the availability of early diagnostic equipment for our mothers, friends, children and grandchildren.

Unfortunately, my friend Sandy has been diagnosed with breast cancer again. It was ten years ago that she was first diagnosed. However your financial donations are helping in terms of chemo regiment, radiation technology and post cancer therapy. Sandy's chemo sessions are now shorter in duration, it was 6 months but now she will finish it in 4 months. New medication allows patient to never miss a chemotherapy session and are injected only once instead of over a seven day period. Research has changed radiation technology to deliver the radiation waves to a more defined target area or just to the surface of the skin. Therefore, Sandy is able to receive radiation after her chemotherapy even though she has had radiation before in the same area. The medication therapy given to estrogen positive cancer patients was for five years; however advancements in science have allowed this therapy to be effective over a ten year period.

This weekend will not only raise funds for research, increase prevention, awareness, and the need for early detection, but it gives the human spirit a chance to soar. It is a weekend filled with joy, tears, laughter and pain! It is a time when our team of five walks together to support this important cause. I hope that you can ask for answers with us by showing your support.

Proceeds benefit Princess Margaret Hospital, funding important cancer research, education, services and care.

Thank you for your support!


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