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Vicki Fiddler

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My Motivation - Our legacy
My Motivation - Our legacy

The Weekend is my passion - truly an important part of who I am.  

Here's why:  June 14, 2001 - my brother's birthday - was the day that I had a full hysterectomy.  It was only a few days before that I found myself listening to my doctor tell me (sounding much like an adult in the Charlie Brown cartoons "wha wha wha") that I had 3 massive tumours and he was recommending a severe course of action to combat any chance of cancer by removing "everything."

The days leading up to my surgery are now a blur.  I remember crying on the phone with my Mum and asking her to come be with me.  The 10 days after the surgery waiting for my biopsy results were like being on a rollercoaster and I HATE rollercoasters.  George and I shared the fear and tears every night.  The phone call that we received that the tumours were benign was so much more than a relief, it was the sign of a new beginning.

And so my walking journey began in early 2002 when a friend asked me to sponsor her in a walk that she was doing to honour her mother who she had lost to breast cancer.  When I read the information about the first ever WEBC I was hooked.  I felt that this was what I needed to get involved in a cause for women's health.  I signed up and have walked every year since, started a team in 2004 called The Desperate for a Cure Housewives, have worked in the office as a volunteer and I am an ambassador of the WEWC AND my fundraising creativity has helped raise over $300,000 for PMCC 

My family and friends say the Weekend is my Event -  it defines me!  I am grateful for what it has brought to my life and proud to participate and encourage others to participate.  

I will commit to doing the walking if you commit to join me in the fight and continue to sponsor me!!

Cheers and good health, Vicki

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