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14 years have passed since my beautiful mom, Roma beat her battle with Breast Cancer! With each day that passes, we remember her strength and vigour in beating the odds! Today we are grateful as my parents enjoy their retirement years travelling the globe and celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary! 

Over the years, this has become a family event with my husband Mark being my inspiration through training, encouragement and the team manager, without whom I would be lost. My sister Pauline being his assistant in charge of foot massages, warm soup and a decorated team vehicle following us along the way. My brother Danny being the official Roma's Roses chauffeur transporting Mom and Dad from one cheering station to the next and shadowing Mom as she walked part of the way. He is accompanied by my nephew Mark as his co-chauffeur. My sister-in-law Robyn  prepares our annual end of walk feast for one and all!!!  It is an even more exceptional experience since I am joined by my eldest niece Nicole and my cousin Sherrye so now Roma's Roses represents two generations!!

As always, hearing the stories of those that were lost, those in the midst of the battle and the legacy of the survivors makes an indelible mark on me throughout my year of training. Of course, walking part of the way with my beautiful mother, a true survivor is all the encouragement I need to take each step.

Once again, I look to you for support in honouring the strength of every survivor and the memory of those lost. Please give generously and one day our lives may be free of this disease. I am grateful to each one of you who show your applause of Roma's strength with your donation and your belief in me to once again complete this journey. 

Thank you so much and on your behalf, I will take each step with pride, vigour and determination! 
Annette..a petal from Roma's Roses




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