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My Journey

I have been given the gift of life through research and the generosity of the donations to this event. Not once but twice my life has been given back to me and my family. I truly am fortunate to have the opportunity to participate once again.

I am proud to say I have helped raise money that has allowed the staff at Princess Margaret to find a new and promising drug to combat  the growth of human breast and ovarian cancers as well as colorectal, glioblastoma, lung, melanoma, pancreatic and prostate cancers. It is now in the trial phase. How awesome and promising is that. 

Think of all the help you and your dollars have done, please give it another thought and do it again. Help create a cure!

As I head out to this year's event with my family I will be doing it with the hope in my heart that one day this disease will be no more and I can say I had a part in raising the money that helped eradicate breast cancer and other cancers.  I also hope that as my children and yours grow older they will not have to worry about such things.

Thank you in advance for your continued help.



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