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Kathy Mickeler

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The further away I get from my diagnosis of cancer, the less the word "cancer" invades my thoughts on a daily basis … until its ugly tentacles reach back into my life and heart again through family, friends, neighbours or co-workers.  Then, I realize again that cancer is relentless, and I personally should not give up my passion for raising funds to support the wonderful research and work being done at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.   Research and care I have personally benefited from.

Last year, after a 2 year hiatus, I rejoined the walk.  Despite the pouring rain I was reminded of my intense personal connection to this event and the life line it was to me when I needed support and something to focus on, other than me.   

September 6th and 7th, thousands of women, men and teens will be leaving the Rogers Centre on a 2 day 60km walk around the city to raise money and awareness to fight women's cancer.  I will be participating both days of the event as part of Sponge Bob’s Epic Pit Stop.

I would be honoured and grateful for any donation you could make no matter how small. Every dollar really does make a difference.  To all those who have supported me in the past, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know there are many worthy charities and I understand that you can't support them all.



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