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Surviving cancer is a different experience for everyone. But one thing most survivors say is that their life after the cancer is not the same. Cancer survivors from all walks of life responded "How is your life different after cancer?"  

Let’s be inspired by their stories of HOPE and living life differently!


Cancer Made Me a Better Man

"Life is better now because I don’t judge anyone, I don’t walk around angry and mad. I now see that other people are angry at nothing. They’re angry at everyone else for their own unhappiness. That’s a cool thing to understand and realize. I wouldn’t have understood that without the cancer."

Scott Baker, Four-time Lymphoma Survivor


Finds the Support She Needs. Brighter days are ahead.

"I have my life back, but now it’s even better. I appreciate every day, every smile I see on my children’s faces, every laugh I share with a friend. It’s important to keep the faith. Brighter days are ahead."

Ginger Jordan, Ovarian Cancer Survivor


Ewing Sarcoma Survivor Hopes to Become Oncologist

"I feel my problem was just God's way of letting me know my role in this planet. I am alive because I am meant to help those parents and children who might be affected by this painful and awful disease."

Alexandra Ojeda, Ewing Sarcoma Survivor


57-Year Breast Cancer Survivor to Celebrate 90th Birthday.  Living life, loving life.

"I feel extremely excited getting ready to celebrate my 90th birthday. No way under God's green earth I thought I would live this long. I have an active, busy, healthy, wonderful life, and a wonderful family."

"If you don’t have any belief in life, this makes you have it because I have been so lucky and so healthy.  Being 90 to me is almost unbelievable. I’m still actively working and driving and doing everything."

Carol Stevens, Breast Cancer Survivor


Attitude Is Everything

"When you get cancer, you've got no choice. You have to face it. But you do get to control your boundaries and control your attitude. You get to ask, 'How do I want to feel?' I can live my life, or I can feel very sorry for myself. I certainly know which choice I'm taking."

Brian Waddington, Three-Time Kidney Cancer Survivor


The World is so Kind.  Grateful for every day.

"This experience has made me, my husband, and my parents want to be better people. People were so kind to us. Three times a week, our neighbors brought a meal to our door. We never asked for it and it was so thoughtful. Everyone is just so nice."

Nina Polvanich Louie, Lymphoma Survivor


Moving On and Facing a New Set of Challenges

"I’m proud that I have survived this and have come to learn what is really important in my life.  I don’t have a lot of time for worrying because that just wastes energy that could be used towards doing something meaningful."

Cullen, brain cancer survivor 

"To be a survivor is to –
Celebrate every day that both feet hit the floor and you can take a step.
Celebrate every time we get together with friends, no matter what the reason.
Not assume that tomorrow will come; cherish this day for what it is.
Just smile; everything is so much better with a smile."

Mike, rectal cancer survivor


"I’m proud to be a survivor, but I wish I had never been put in the position to play that role.  Survivorship means you are alive to advocate for research, to help those who need help, and to gain a better perspective on what life is really about – loving and being loved, giving and sharing."

Kathie, kidney cancer survivor


"I realized how quickly life can be taken away. I learned to appreciate what I have and just enjoy life and live in the moment. I appreciate just being able to see my friends and hang out and appreciate all the other people around me that I have. I realized not to take things for granted.  I have a second chance at life. If I really want to do something I am going to go and do it and not put it off."

Casey Leach, testicular cancer survivor


~Stories quoted from American Cancer Society www.cancer.org



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