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This is One of Many Posters Along the 60 Kilometer Walk
This is One of Many Posters Along the 60 Kilometer Walk

The 60 kilometer weekend walk is not easy and I have taken part in this walk the past two years.  I must be a good luck charm because the weather, for the past two years, has been miserable the first day of the two day walk.  At the end of the walk on the second day your feet are blistered, you are sore, you are dirty, afterwards you walk funny for a couple of days and a week or two later you may even lose a toe nail or two.  And so what have I done?  I have registered again for the walk in 2014.  The question you may be asking yourself is why.  Why put yourself through that again?  You've raised the money, you completed the walk, what more are you hoping to accomplish?  I am hoping I will see the day when there is a real cure for cancer and not the radical surgery or treatments that cancer patients today are subjected to.  I want to see the end of cancer so that my children and their children do not have the fear that cancer brings to families today.  I want to see the day when children no longer need to make posters thanking people for saving their Mom from cancer because they won’t know what a terrible disease cancer once was.

People may argue that the money raised for cancer research is not being used properly, but who really knows how the money should be spent?  What I do know is that if I want to see the end of cancer, I cannot just sit back and do nothing.  It is not my nature.  I have to do something.  Our team's name is "Wings of Hope" and my hope is that you will join me in doing something about fighting cancer.

I am hoping I can count on your support this year.


Gordon Collings

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