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 No News Is Good News.....

Its an answer I have luckily incorporated into my life when asked how things are! David is cancer free and life has moved along in a happy direction.

The last year has been filled with the amazing little things that after dealing with "Bad News" the little things in life make a for a great story of "No News". Ben made a hockey team he thought he would never make (I am not sure if he knows all the players are Jewish), Lyla declared that she wants to be the first girl soccer Olympian (I don't have the heart to tell her that this has been done already) and Eden finally got noticed (the third child theory is true) which is big in her life and to think about it ours. And David well he is keeping me sane (to people close to me that is a hard task) and telling the world how to lose weight (step away from the fridge) if only I would listen.

So this year I walk to find a cure of Good News to give to families so they too can have a "No News" kinda a year. 


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