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Ms. Samantha Parkin

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Selling cupcakes for the cause!
Selling cupcakes for the cause!

Hello Everyone!

The Shoppers Drug Mart® Weekend to End Women’s Cancers™ is a 2-day, 60-kilometre or 1-day 32-kilometre walk through the neighbourhoods of Toronto. It’s going to be a challenge, but I’m ready to do something bold and powerful in effort to end women’s cancers once and for all.

I've always been a proud supporter of anything to do with Cancer research. I support fundraising campaigns, and always buy merchandise when I can. You can ask any one of my friends and family members and they will tell you how passionate I truly am about this cause.

In high-school, i used to volunteer at this event. I gave away walkers' packages, directed them of what route to follow, and even helped set up tents for the overnight portion of the event.

I always said that one day I would participate in this event and do my best to make a difference.

Something came over me last year and I had an overwhelming feeling that it was the year that I would do it. I spoke with some friends and family and asked if anyone was interested in doing this with me and I was blown away by the response!

One of our team members last year, Donna Day, was actually a survivor of this horrible disease. We call her "Double D" which is what influenced us to name the team after her. We have a great team full of strong women that are all passionate about working hard to make a difference in this battle!

Everyone you know is somehow related to Cancer. They have either experienced it themself, had a friend, a family member, or a coworker battle it. Some people are fortunate enough to beat it... unfortunately not everyone is so lucky.

We have lost way to many people to this disgusting thing we call Cancer...but we need to remember that we are making progress!! Breast Cancer survival rate thanks to "Weekend Dollars" has jumped from 20% to 80%!! THATS SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE!!!

This year, I am walking for all those we have lost, and all those who have fought so hard and survived. Double D is one amazing woman I am PROUD to walk for! I am also walking for one of my staff that battled this disease, and another co-worker who also survived. Im walking for those aunts that i've lost..the past teachers... and for all that could possibly come. I'm hoping that with the help of all of you, we can beat cancer in our lifetime!


Donate to my journey and make this Weekend matter!

Participating in last years' event was honestly one of the best feelings I've ever experienced in my entire life! Walking with my amazing team and over 3000 other people for 2 days, one of which was pouring rain and windy as hell! But the real moving part was how all these people fought hard to not give up because we all knew that our pain and discomfort was nothing compared to what these unfortunate people that battle cancer go through day in and day out! 

I ask you to take a stance with me and join this life-saving adventure for all women. Be a part of my very personal journey - by giving, by walking with me, or simply by sharing my story with your circle of influence. Don’t stand back and think about what you could have done – take that first step today! Take a chance with me – we have the opportunity to change thousands of lives, beginning with our own.

I'm sending out a challenge for all of you to donate and to get 5 people you know to donate as well! 

See you all at the finish line!

This isn’t just my journey – it’s yours, too.


Samantha Parkin

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