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Ms. Marinda Thuymy Tran

Goal: $1,000.00
Achieved: $50.00

I'm going to use my music to fundraise for breast cancer research (right).
I'm going to use my music to fundraise for breast cancer research (right).

       I have dreams to become a nurse and that dream seems to be within incredible reach of me. I remember as a little girl I was angered by the deaths of innocent children, the domestic abuse of households, the victimization of minorities...the deaths of women because of breast cancer. I was infuriated because families suddenly became single parents homes, and in the movies, the children always suffered. I hated that death was so prominent in the world. And I cried. Why them? They had so much value on Earth. They were loved by so many. It did not seem fair--not in the slightest. 

        And now I am 16 years old. Growing and learning about myself, I know one thing is for sure amidst my crazy hormones: I need to help breast cancer research; I need to bring happiness to at least one person.
      As a crew member of 2014 I will be present to help make the event happen. I will cheer walkers on, run to them to bring them water bottles, lift equipment; dedicate myself. I honestly cannot imagine a weekend more life-changing and worthwhile than the Walk To End Breast Cancer. If one person survives breast cancer because of my contribution to fundraising, I would explode in tears of joy. But to make this happen, I need to reach my goal of $1000.

       Please help me, and donate to my fundraising campaign. I will also be competing in music festivals, and working a part-time job amidst volunteering at a senior home. Any music scholarships I earn, and any spare amount of money I can afford, I will be donating too. So please, help this charitable cause. Help end breast cancer. 


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